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Auditory Processing Assessment for Enhancing the Skills

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For enhancing the listening, speaking and cognitive skills of an individual who suffers from auditory deficits, there are several auditory training programs which are devised. But before that, the perfect auditory processing assessment has to be made in order to understand the deficit in a person. This is generally carried out in all those children who suffer from hearing sensitivity, but those who show poor listening skills, for instance, when they cannot hear or fail to hear and respond accordingly, in presence of any other background noise.

Procedures that are followed as Part of the Auditory Processing Assessment?

There are different procedures which are followed while the auditory processing assessment starts. The initial phase consists of understanding the case history of the patients. The audiologist asks about the learning and speech deficiencies of the children or the adult patients, and then they act accordingly. If there are any genetic history that is related to the speech disorders and listening impairment, then that is also sorted out by the specialist.

  • A hearing test is conducted which generally excludes any loss of hearing or any kind of possible middle ear pathology.
  • The audiology memory tests are also an important step in the assessment of hearing and speech deficiency. If a child is deficient to remember and recall install number, words and sentences form memory, then the short term auditory memory has to be incorporated for diagnosing the difficulty level of the child.

There are Different Auditory Processing Assessment Tests that are conducted to go for the Remedial Measures:


There are multiple tests that are part of the auditory processing assessment, and these tests are:

  • Dichotic digit testing and competing sentence tests, where speech, sound and recognition of words are diagnosed and difficulties related to these are then sought-out for remedial measures. These also deal with the child’s inability to understand the sound and words that enter both the ears simultaneously.
  • Temporal patterning present in frequency pitch pattern test is another type of assessment that is utilized to diagnose and cure problems related to learning and speech difficulties. Moreover, this test helps the patient to detect and differentiate al the difference that exists between the syllables of particular sounds.
  • Low pass filtered word test, is another type of assessment or auditory processing test that is conducted by numerous audiologists and speech and listening therapist. This is also called the monaural redundancy speech test. This provides an assessment to understand the whole word especially when a part of any message is missing. Apart from this, the gaps in noise test are also measured by the auditory processing assessment test, where a child faces difficulty in understanding the small gap that exists in between the completion of one sentence and in the beginning of another.

What are the Advantages of the Auditory Processing Assessment Tests?

These tests are utilized for both all those children who are in their infant and formative years, and those who suffer from hearing or speech recognition impairments. Schools, colleges, organizations meant for differently-able children, schools for autism cure and many other psychologists, audiologists and psychotherapist use the APA kit to initiate the activities of new modes of learning in children. There are cases where learning and speech disorders are identified and corrected by anyone who is not an expert in this field. But this has a controversial reaction on the entire process of assessment. So it is always mandatory to consult renowned doctors or audiologists to conduct these tests.

There are several online websites that give an overview of the auditory processing assessment tests, and numerous have their own doctors who can be consulted by filling up the online forms. You can visit here to know more details about it.

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