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Awesome Summer – Winter Fund Raising Ideas

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The Most Profit Making Winter Fund Raising Ideas That Need Minimum Pre-Investment

With the festive season just round the corner, you can see the usual picture of people making plans to make the season as special as possible! While many are content arranging warm home parties with near and dear ones joining, there are others who think beyond, and attempt sharing joy with the underprivileged, as well.

This is where the potency of fund raising events comes in. It’s that time of year when you see enterprises busy planning for charitable events. And those who have not adequate resource to make it all without assistance, aims at organizing fetes, thus planning to donate a substantial percentage of the overall profit for humanitarian causes. Are you one among them?


If yes, then you might be on the lookout for some cool ideas that make the event a grand success. If you are presently out of ideas, and running relatively low in budget, as well, then you might want to look for some cool ideas that yield maximum profit.

#1: Face Painting

Young and adults love to have their faces painted! They are fun and aesthetic, as well! If you are good at painting, then this is one thing that you can go for. If you do not want to stick to intricate patterns, then you can go safe with the very basic butterflies and tigers. They are cheap, of course, even if you charge as low as 50p – £1, you can earn a good deal of profit. Just make sure that you buy quality face paints, preferably that carries CE mark and has the details of ingredients mentioned on it. Face painting event was very popular event in Halloween celebration, but we want to take a safety while doing in Halloween, because of chemical solutions in painting.


#2: Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are inexpensive (about 2-3p) and can be a perfect money spinner.


#3: Teddy Raffle

They can be raffled for about £1 each. So far finding teddies are concerned, you can get them from parents having old toys.


#4: Popcorn And Candy Floss Vending Machines

Candy floss hiring machines, as well as vending machines can be hired for cheap these days. And let’s face it, they have an old world charm that keeps everyone glued to it. So why not try them?


#5: Counting The Candies

Keep a huge glass jars and fill up with small sweet meats like smarties, candies and the like. Charge visitors 50p and ask them to guess how many of them are inside the jar. One who tells the number correctly or one who makes the closest guess will win the candy jar (with the sweetmeats, of course).


#6: Cake Stall

Its festive season and the fair would not be completed without cakes, cupcakes and muffins. To get cakes for selling, you can turn the ‘baking session’ into a competition, or ask parents, friends or anyone close to you bake some tiny stuff for you so that they can be sold? Or if you are good at baking, you can make them on your own.


#7: Panning For Gold

A relatively cheap option for your event, and an extremely profit bearing one! You will simply need a large place to keep muddy water (preferably a large trough) and about 6-7 kits of ‘panning for gold’. You can find them at any local party supply shoppe, or get them online for a good price. You can buy them for about £2 each. The players can be charged £1 to play for 5 minutes (or more, depending on your discrepancy). Allow them to pan and sift through the water through the mud and see if they can strike the prime lode. Keep paper bags/ plastic jars handy so that they can keep their ‘findings’ while on ‘duty’.


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