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Bangkok Is One Of The Most Visited Cities In The World; Here’s Why

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Did you think Bangkok was on the list of the most visited cities in the world? Perhaps not but that doesn’t change the fact that it is. Every year millions of people head over there to explore the streets, get a taste of Thai culture and travel outside of the city to explore more than just the urban jungle. There are plenty of reasons why you might find yourself as the next tourist booking a flight to this incredible city and never looking back.

A Thai Massage

No matter where you live, there is probably a nearby business claiming that they offer Thai massages. But is it the real deal? Probably not because you can’t get a Thai massage without visiting Thailand. That’s if you want the official treatment of course and no, we’re not talking about the added happy ending. Trust us when we say once you have a massage in Thailand you’ll want to travel there at least once a year to rid yourself of that stress building up in your life.


Explore Bang Krachao Gardens

Who would have guessed that inside a concrete jungle there’s a hidden, green paradise? These gardens have paths that wander across wet river ways on stilts. On either side of you, you’ll see picturesque houses and cottages where people live. You can travel through the gardens by walking or on a rented bike. It would take more than a day to explore the gardens for all they are worth, but we certainly encourage you to give it a go.



Reach For The Sky

The empire state building has got nothing on the Bangkok sky bar. It stretches eighty-eight stories, high above the city limits and offers the perfect view of the sprawling urban landscape. The top of the skyscraper even rotates giving you 360-degree views like nothing you have ever seen before. Do you love this idea? You’ll like it even more when you find out each ticket comes with a drink and access to the perfect viewing spot.


Helping Hand

It’s possible to stay in the city through the weekend and head out to surrounding areas through the week. If you do, you’ll find that there are plenty of possibilities to help people and do a little more on this particular vacation. If you volunteer in Thailand, for instance, Bangkok could be a great place to live it up and give back in your spare time a few miles outside the city.

Soi Cowboy

Veering in a completely different direction, this loosely translated means street cowboy and this particular location is the epicenter of everything you’ve heard about Bangkok. Can one place really have so much craziness? You’re about to find out that it can if you venture into this area of the city. Don’t worry it’s not dangerous and it’s perfectly possible to just enjoy an obscene atmosphere with your friends. Although if you’re not careful, you might be dragged into one hell of a night adventure.


Are you ready to find your own adventure in this city? We hope so because it’s waiting for you right now.

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