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Beating Baldness: What To Do If You Start Losing Your Hair

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Lots of men worry about going bald early so if it does occur it can have a severe impact on their self-esteem, professionalism, and even their love life. As baldness is seen as a sign of aging, it can be hard for a man in his forties let alone his thirties to come to terms with. However, baldness and hair loss are not the same things, we all lose around a hundred hairs per day through brushing, and if you have long, thick or particularly curly hair it can be even more. After all, hair is a complex structure yet at the same time remarkably fragile, and it breaks easily. A tough protein, keratin, allows hair follicles to grow which are anchored into the skin while the hair bulb, comprised of living cells, divide and build the hair shaft. Humans are one of few mammals where our hair grows mostly on our heads, while we quickly learn to shave other areas.

Many factors can cause hair loss; stress is a primary one along with certain conditions such as Alopecia, aging, scalp infections and even hereditary baldness. Male pattern baldness affects many men, starting in their mid-twenties and is more noticeable at the crown and temples. Over time male sex hormones, androgens, make the body more sensitive which leads to hair reduction and baldness eventually occurs. It typically takes around fifteen to twenty-five years for this to happen, stress will accelerate it, but by the time they turn fifty more than half of men can see significant hair loss. Don’t worry too much though as it is very common but if hair loss is bothering you then there are a few things you can do.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

It’s a natural process, and like other natural things in life sometimes the best thing we can do is to accept them. Why not set some time aside to talk through your worries with your wife, a close friend or even a trusted colleague? You may find that what you class as significant is minor or not even noticeable. If you do suspect that it is the male pattern, or hereditary baldness have a look at your father. If he’s still alive, find a time to see him and try to steer the conversation towards the topic you want to discuss. Be aware that he may find the conversation painful, embarrassing or even silly but it could help. If your father has already passed away, it could be worth looking at old photos to see if he was experiencing something of a similar nature.



Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress can affect us in many different ways, and if you’ve been landed with a busy project at work, your kids are playing up, and your wife has been struggling with her elderly mother then that could be the culprit. Is your hair falling out in clumps, or at strange times? If so, that could be the reason, and the best thing is to book a doctor’s appointment to have a chat while eliminating the possibility of a scalp infection, the onset of alopecia or an allergic reaction. By reducing your stress levels, you may see an improvement in a matter of weeks. However, male pattern baldness is a genetic condition and can only be slowed down not cured.


Try Hair Loss Medication

Two main drugs can help combat thinning. The first, Regaine Regular Strength, is a twice daily hair lotion that can be purchased over the counter. Around sixty percent of men see results, with varying amounts of hair growth. However, as soon as you cease using it the effects will wear off. The second comes in tablet form that helps to block the male hormone; studies have shown this method to be effective, and Propecia treatment halts hair loss as well as visible hair regrowth in three to six months. Propecia tablets are available on prescription, as well at certain trusts depending on the type of condition you have with hair regrowth stopping as soon as you discontinue your course of treatment.


Consider A Hair Transplant

Hair transplants, flap surgery, and reductions are costly long-term solutions that like all procedures carry risks. Once the domain of aging footballers, celebrities and actors hair transplants have become more common but, like all cosmetic procedures, it’s a big step to take. The operation would take healthy hair follicles and synthetically implant them onto the thinning areas. Recovery time is minimal although follow-up meetings are needed.

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