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Become the Best SEO; let the Crowd Follow Your Way Out

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of appealing and pulling the internet crowd towards your own website. Driving the organic crowd to view your business website is all about the SEO fellows. SEO workers efforts have only one objective and that is to highlight the website as much as they can so that traffic in the website becomes so crowded that the business automatically gains realization. Their target is to gain their customer. This search or query is done by different ways such as picture search, audio as well as video search, educational search, vertical search etc.

The SEO member’s ambition should not be showing people what they have. Their ambition should be encouraging people to show what actually they want to see. They should always keep in mind that their targeted audience loves to see a particular concept and that particular concept should be always in the site they link their audience towards. SEOs help their customers in crossing the high walls towards their site. SEOs do this by increasing the links that come towards their websites. Those incoming links that consist of arrowheads pointing towards the websites are called as the back links.

The competition of collecting an immense number of the audience has always been a challenge to the SEO world. And as time has been passing, this competition is growing even faster. An immense effort is dropped in order to introduce your product in the market, but making the product run in the market is even a greater task. There comes the need of the SEO managers. No matter how great your product might be, but it can reach to its high quantity of customers, only if it becomes popular in the market. That’s what SEO is for.


Turn the Crowd into Your Audience

Converting other’s customers into your own audience is the talent of the SEO workers. A talented SEO worker can bring other’s audience to view their sites even if he has nothing to show them.So SEO should be the initial step in running the business, because even if the product has just been started to develop, it needs to be advertised to flourish in the market with high speed.


Welcoming the right audience in the right way has to be kept in mind. An audience should feel that your product will definitely bring positive change in their life.

Let Your Content Shine

High-quality content brings colors to the website. Nothing else can be more beautiful than designing the website and filling it up with golden words. Content should always have the perfect explanation for what the audience is seeking for. Make sure your content is not a stolen content of someone else. Everything must be original including your content, pictures, keywords and your marketing strategies too.

Keywords are the Key to Your Audience

Always keep the Google keywords in mind. Check other similar sites and try to add up the missing keywords in your content. Add extra stronger keywords that will build the maximum audience.

Know WHEN to Use WHAT

Use the keywords according to the time. If it is a festival time, then use keywords related to the festival. Keep updated about the trend and keep refreshing the keywords accordingly.


Never forget to take part in the group conversations in your own or even other’s sites related to your business. Like, share, comment and even reply to comments that seem to be more effective.

Never Hard Sell

Never try to make a fool of the audience. If you do so instead of the increasing exponential graph, you may bring a poor end to your business.

Socialize More

Creating and managing connections are unavoidable in SEO marketing. Drive every links towards your links. Let your back links become even stronger. If possible, try connecting to your competitors and try to know their strategies too. Link exchanging could be a very bright idea to drive the traffic towards your site. Try to show people what they actually want to see so that organically the crowd increases.


Use the trends of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other entertaining social websites and create and promote your pages in them, so that you can drive even the young crowd to your business. Socializing on the internet inspires the customers more and they will surely develop into your fans.

Don’t Forget the Headings

The first thing you, me and everyone reads are the headings. Never ever miss it and keep the heading always interesting. Try to add related tags so that people can easily reach them.

Try to add new contents, new backlinks, and everything fresh and new to your website with time. Because ones your website is updated it will surely reach the top pages of Google search.


The courses offered by Intellipaat.com address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Hadoop Training, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

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