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How To Become Better At Video Games

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Video games have always been challenging, even with the simplest of visuals. Consider the bat and ball logic of Pong or the brick building of Tetris. On the surface, they looked easy and yet in practice proved devilishly hard while being very addictive.

Many of us think we are good at video games, but when we get online and play against others, we soon realize our skills are not what we thought they were. Ultimately we need dedication to the game we are playing, and the patience to pick ourselves up when we make a fool of ourselves when playing with others.

Here are some tips to make you a better gamer.



As with anything in life, practice makes perfect. We learn from our mistakes and get better at what we are trying to accomplish. So it is with video games. The fiendishly difficult Dark Souls, for example, offers incredibly difficult enemies to vanquish, with levels strewn with traps for the unwary traveler. It is a game where you will die again and again, but it is one you will keep going back to. Eventually, you will learn how to defeat that particular enemy and cross that pit of spikes, each play through getting easier with every turn.



Okay, so this won’t necessarily make you a better gamer, but at least you will increase your chances of winning, and you can come back to the game without cheats later. Sites such as https://www.iwantcheats.net/ghost-recon-wildlands-hacks/ will give you an advantage over other players. A less subtle form of cheating is to watch videos on YouTube and Twitch where experienced gamers will show you how to navigate difficult game missions and give you helpful tips. There is more satisfaction in completing games on your merit, but when you are stuck and feel like throwing your gamepad at the wall, getting a little help is better for your stress level.


Find the Best Control Scheme

When playing on your laptop or computer, you have the choices of joypad or keyboard and mouse. Use whichever is comfortable for you. If you have previously played on a games console, the joypad is going to feel better in your hands. However, with practice, a mouse and keyboard will offer you more precision, perfect in those intense online first person battles.

When using a joypad on a games console, there are often multiple button configurations you can choose from. Practice with each until you know which ones are more intuitive for you.


Play on Easy Mode

Don’t tell your friends as they will probably mock you, but when you play a game that is causing you difficulty, play on an easier setting. Hardcore gamers probably don’t admit it, but this will help you in the long term. Getting used to a level and certain enemy and mission types without seeing the Game Over screen every five minutes will boost your confidence. When you have a feel for the game, and a better understanding of what is ahead of you, return to those harder difficulty settings and try again.

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