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Showering of Benefits for UAE Free Zone Companies

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Are you planning to set up a business in Dubai? Any foreign company can setup a business in Dubai by following several easy company formation procedures. There are two options for setting up a company in the region. Either you can register as a Dubai Limited Liability Company or register as a company in any of the Dubai free zones. Many foreign companies have started registering in Dubai free zones as they are able to enjoy many benefits. The government of the region has created free zones in various parts of the region so as to attract direct foreign investment. Many privileges are given to foreign companies for setting up a base in any free zone. Privileges depend on the free zone you choose for doing business. However, there are certain special conditions that can be enjoyed by all UAE and Dubai free zone companies.

Any foreign company registering inside the free zone will get 100% ownership of the business. A sole ownership allows you in running a company as you like. This is an important advantage over others. Outside free zones you can start a company with only 49% stake in your name. You cannot even own half percent stake by registering as a Dubai Limited Liability Company.


Again, a company can enjoy tax free services inside the free zone. You don’t have to pay any type of taxes while you are inside the free zone for several years. Tax exemption given to companies registered inside free zones is a major attraction for foreign companies. Many top foreign companies are planning to set up a business in Dubai within a short time. Company formation in Dubai is not a daunting task. Approaching a business setup in Dubai consultant allows you to start a company in any of the free zones without any complication.


Document clearance will be done on a fast track mode. The waiting period for document clearance that you experience in your home country will not be there in free zones. UAE also provides visas for investors, staff and family members for nearly three years. Again, it is easy to recruit employees as rules pertaining to recruitment are relaxed when compare with that in the main land. Government has started pouring many types of benefits for business setups in the free zone. This is the right time for business people to register a company in UAE and Dubai free zones.

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  1. […] Many are choosing Dubai as one of the business destinations as it is easy to transport goods to and from the country. When you ask for reasons, there are many to give. The advantages of doing business in a place depend on the benefits and facilities offered for doing a particular type of business. Many search for the cheapest company setup in UAE. There search will end up with some benefits of Dubai free zones. […]


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