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Best Business Security System & Tech Innovations

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Many problems can arise, when it comes to business security. Be it about disgruntled or careless employees, or about real-life burglars, steps need to be taken, in order to render your office space as safe and secure as humanly possible. Luckily, the recent advancements in technology have allowed for a ton of new or improved security systems and tactics to be developed, making it even more difficult for the wicked-minded to trick your legacy. Unfortunately, many careless entrepreneurs choose to disregard the potential threats, not taking valid precautionary measures. We’ve come up with this guide in order to inform you about new ways of providing a safe and secure environment for both you, your employees, as well as for your money.

Virtual Desktop Containers

Sandbox environments are a common thing nowadays, when it comes to browser components, and there is no reason why browsers and commonly used applications benefit from this. Web browsers, PDF readers, Office suite, as well as executable can easily be moved into a secure virtual container, using Fairfax and virtualization and a non-spacious Windows app.


Multi Factor Authentication

We live in an age where account credentials are more valuable than actual credit card numbers! The common threat when it comes to this is outlined in the fact that careless employees tend to use weak and even duplicate passwords for important and private online services. This is where the two-factor authentication kicks in. For example, RSA, EMC Corporation’s security division distributes hardware tokens, used by many organizations, from government agencies and security contractors, to pharmaceutical manufacturers and even small businesses.


Biometric Door Locks

Biometrics has been introduced to most, if not all worldwide countries for ID cards and many important credentials. Although it might seem like a thing for a sci-fi thriller, biometric door locks are no longer used only by government agencies – in fact, even some small businesses don’t mind spending a bit of their funding for this type of security. Yet another convenience of these innovative door locks is outlined in the fact that they tend to resemble a standard, everyday doorknob, but with a whole lot of security on its side, such as a sensor which can read up to as much as 100 fingerprints and a record with access to times and dates when it was used.



Well, with all these innovative security ways, one might think that the good old technology of safes is severely outdated. Wrong! In fact, a quality safe is the last line of defense, when it comes to your valuables. Buy a safe, in order to store important documents and other business valuables; if you, as an entrepreneur choose to neglect getting one, you are dwindling the chances of protecting the items you care about. This can lead to corporate theft, even identity theft and other inconveniences, to say the very least.

Wireless Security

The world’s going wireless and the talk about wireless phone chargers is becoming a thing of reality, rather than fiction. With regards to this, wireless security systems already exist and, for some reason, have gone under the radar until recently. Nowadays, many companies are using high-tech wireless security systems, easily and quickly install able. In fact, some of these systems don’t even require a professional to install – you can do it yourself! This is how user-friendly the technology has become! The way these systems work is by sending a message to your smartphone or other device, notifying you if someone enters or interferes with your property or company. In fact, some advanced systems are equipped with live stream pictures, able to be sent immediately to your device.



Make no mistake, owning a business means engaging in a war, not only with your adversaries, but also with those looking to go illegal on you. This is why we’ve seen many advancements when it comes to decoy tech, as of recently. These fake systems and documents can be set up to make the attacks take longer, enabling the authorities to catch the culprits, by means of other mentioned systems.

You can never be too paranoid when it comes to your business – every investment is valued greatly and you can rest assured that the mere fact that you’ll sleep easier is more than worth the cost!

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