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The Best Gift Ideas That Come For Unbelievably Affordable for You

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A bit of out-of-the-box thinking and planning can help you create thoughtful, yet frugal gifts that save you money and time. Look for the following inspirations while you plan to give something useful and caring, just meant for the festive season.

#1: Restoring The Past

Select some pictures from your old family photo album and consider restoring, enlarging some of them. Put the pictures in a beautiful frame and gift it to loved ones.


#2: A Plant A Life

If you have a garden and have house plants in your collection, then you might want to plant an offshoot of one of them, put it in a cute, tiny ceramic pot and tie a neat ribbon around it. Your gift is ready!


#3: A Hand-Print Apron

Aprons are always a practical gift idea, especially to those who love cooking. So take the opportunity to plan a beautiful Christmas / New Year Gift. Buy a solid colored apron from a cheap store and ask your members of a family to leave their handprints on it. The end-result is adorable!

#4: Gift Coupons

This hardly needs any explanation but gift coupons offer endless lucrative possibilities to the receiver- think of a discounted 20-minute back-rub, cups of Joe for two in a nearby coffee shop, an offer for free land mowing among others.


#5: Plates and Glasses

Buy sets of six glasses and/or dessert plates. Split them into sets of 2 or 3. Wrap each of them in colorful tissues and also consider adding some handmade muffin, cookies or homemade cocoa mix. A personalized gift will all be yours!

#6: Hand Embroidered Linens

Consider getting plain tablecloths, towels and pillow covers from big box stores if you have a knack for embroidery. Look for a nice design which you can try through a machine or by hand. You can also contact a local tailor or seamstress who can offer machine embroidery service for a reasonable rate. This can be a good option for newlyweds specifically.

#7: Future Wine

Here is another hit the- bull’s-eye gift option for the newlyweds, or for those whose friendship with you has stood the test of time. Go to a local wine and spirit shop where the wine tester can offer you points of inexpensive wine which will taste even better in the next 8-10 years. Wrap the bottled with a heart-warming note, wishing the receiver(s) that they can drink up and toast their togetherness even when the decade goes away.


#8: Maid-For-A-Day-Service

If you have an elderly staying all alone, then nothing will work better than a maid service for a full day to him/her. Scrubbing toilets, Dusting, washing, carpet shampooing- the maid can really do a lot of things to make your senior family member loved and appreciated. The hiring such a service would not create a dent in your pocket!

#9: Do Not Forget To Wish

With the New Year ringing in, its time when you take some time to wish your near and dear ones, as well as the distant relations. A little note of kind remembrance can go a long way to cement and nurture relationships. And the best thing is, with the aid of greeting cards free options, you can enjoy ample options to choose from. Also, you get the opportunity to personalize the messages by adding your own message, customizing background music and pre-scheduling the receipt of cards. Plus, you also get the opportunity to share your messages on social media platforms, thus saving you much on time and money.

Never mind the ‘cost’ of gifts; it is the thought that matters. Never forget to make a little more brainstorming, and you can come up with even more brilliant ideas.

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