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Best Practice and Guide to PR Measurement?

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What is PR Measurement?

The term PR measurement may not be a familiar one to you. I am sure that if you own a business then you understand what PR measurement means, but most people have no clue.

The experts from Universal Information Services explained PR measurement as being the information that tells you what impact your PR campaign is having for your company.

Why would a Company need PR Measurements?

Advertising can cost a lot of money. If a company can discover which of their advertising campaigns are producing the most results they can eliminate the advertising methods that are not producing results and spend more on the ones that are being beneficial.


Different types of Advertising

There are several different ways that a company can advertise their products or services. PR measurements are taken considering all of these different advertising methods. Some of the most popular advertising methods are:


Advertising on television is a very popular way to get the message of products or services out to a lot of people at one time. In order for this type of advertising to be successful the commercial for the product or services must be played during a time when the target audience that might be interested in buying that product would be watching television. For example; if you are advertising denture adhesive you want the ad to play when people who are over the age of fifty are most likely to be watching television. You would not want the ad to play during Saturday morning cartoons.

When the PR measurement is taken it can alert you to whether or not your television advertisement is being aired at the most productive time.

Radio Advertisement

Advertising on radio can be a great way to get the word of your products and services out to a large number of people. The majority of people who drive a car listen to the radio while they are driving so you get an almost captive audience to hear your advertisements.


Radio is like television in the fact that you want the advertisement to play during a time when the right target audience is likely to be tuned into the station. You do this by choosing the right type of station, like rock, rap, country, gospel, or talk radio, depending on the average age of your potential customer. Then you try to choose a time of day when the majority of people will be listening to the radio station.

If you get an ad that airs at three in the morning you will pay less money for the air time, but fewer people are likely to hear you’re commercial. You want you’re commercial to play on the air when the largest number of people will be listening. During rush hour traffic, and during the normal work day you will reach the most people.

Newspapers and Periodicals

Advertising in newspapers, periodicals, and magazines is a great way to get people to hear about what you are offering. These printed advertisements will detail the products and services that you have to offer.

You will need to choose a newspaper, magazine, or periodical that will be likely to be seen by the people who might want to take advantage of what you have to offer. You should carefully evaluate who your target audience is and what people are most likely to read the paper that you are considering.

The PR measurements can tell you if you are placing your advertisements in the right magazines, and if those advertisements are producing clients or possible sales leads for you.

Online Advertising and Social Media

Today a company might reach more people through the use of social media or online resources than they do through television, radio, or newsprint. More people are plugged into the internet on a daily basis because internet connections are readily available on all of the devices we normally have with us all of the time.


Social media plays a vital role in advertising because the best form of advertising is word of mouth. If a customer is pleased with what you sold them or the service you provide them then they are likely to tell everyone that will listen. They are also likely to post reviews of your company on their social media sites. Once this information is placed on these sites it can be shared with an endless number of viewers.

The greatest part of social media advertising is that most of the advertising you get in this manner is free. You do not have to pay if another person talks about your business on their page. You only pay when you choose to have an ad displayed on the social media web pages. A combination of paid ads and customer reviews is the best way to approach social media advertising.

Professional PR Measurement

A company can appoint an employee to do their PR measurement for them. This individual will need to stay connected with all of the different ways the company advertises and will have to check on those advertising methods regularly.

Another way to get PR measurements is for the company to hire professionals to watch their advertising methods and determine which of them are beneficial and which ones are wastes of time. Professional PR measurements are more detailed and reliable than the ones done by someone who is not trained to assess the PR campaigns and suggest changes to make the campaigns more productive. Learning these skills is a combination of classroom education and practical experience.

Measurement Calculations

You want to know if the quantity of advertisements you are creating is sufficient, and you want to know if the quality of your advertisements is high enough to attract customer attention.

The proper PR measurements will alert you to when your ads play on television, or on the radio. The measurements will tell you if the average person thinks that the quality of your advertisement is high, low, or poor.

With the gathered information you can make the needed changes to improve your business sales.

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