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Best ways to ensure a faster muscle growth

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Best ways to ensure a faster muscle growth

Getting the amount of muscle you want can be a tedious task that may take quite a long period of time to see through. However, there are people that don’t want to wait that long, so they go looking for answers on how they can speed up the process. While it still takes fair amount of time and dedication, implementing these habits into your lifestyle and daily schedule will ensure that you manage to build up muscle effectively.


It’s extremely important to have a well planned diet if you want to build muscle, but also in general. By having your diet all figured out, you can start taking in a large amount of calories. Depending on your current amount of consumed calories per day, you can crank up that number by 500 or even more, just make sure that you’re not eating too much and forcing yourself.

Make sure to eat proper, healthy food according to your diet and that you focus more on protein. For each bodyweight kg you have, try to take in up to 8 grams of protein but no less than 1. This is pretty much the daily standard.



Extra help

There are a lot of extra supplements that can help you maintain balance and stability. This allows you to push yourself harder at the gym or incorporate specific meals without having to settle with anything else. Vitamins are an important supplement, as well as muscle-building-supplements in this case. They can be a very important dose that shifts your body into a whole new gear.

Train more effectively

Training hard at the gym is important but training less is something equivalent to more. Make your workouts shorter and more effective. The way you can do this is by doing high reps, such as 6-12 standard. That, combined with up to 8 sets can really make a difference as far as muscle development is concerned.


Cardio is important

Many people neglect cardio in their workouts, considering that it doesn’t matter as far as building muscle is concerned. That being said, it couldn’t be more false. Muscle building is heavily reliant on both weight lifting and cardio because the latter improve blood flow through your entire body. This is something muscle growth depends on greatly.

Sleep is essential

Many people might not know this, but muscles don’t form at the gym. They form overnight, when you’re sleeping. During rest, muscles that have been torn through working out reform bigger and stronger than before. That’s how you gain muscles, by destroying the old ones and using sleep to rebuild

them bigger. If there’s no sleep, you can’t expect amazing progress for muscle building because your body isn’t getting the time it requires to reform the muscles.

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