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There are Big Benefits For New Nurses

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Have you ever thought about becoming a nurse? This could be a great career for you if you are eager to work helping those in need and consider yourself a true people person. Nurses work with a range of clients each day, ensuring that they are comfortable, taken care of and well looked after. Despite thinking about becoming a nurse, you might have very little knowledge of what this job or position actually entails. We’ve got you covered there. Here are some of the best benefits for going into nursing.

Easier Than You Think

A lot of people think becoming a nurse is just as difficult as becoming a doctor. In many ways, the two roles are very similar indeed, and it’s true, you do need medical training to be a nurse. Though, that was probably already apparent to you. The difference here is that the programs and courses for becoming a nurse are often a lot simpler to get onto compared to similar courses for becoming a doctor. They’re shorter too. On average it takes about three years to become a fully qualified nurse. To get all your doctor qualifications and to start working independently you could be looking at ten years.


Huge Demand

Interestingly, there is actually a shortage of nurses on the market right now. With an online MSN degree in nursing, you might find that you are in high demand. As such, you should have no trouble finding a job or position in a hospital or clinic. You might also discover that levels of pay are higher than you previously expected. The reason for this is that medical institutions are working hard to encourage candidates to study nursing and to work in this field.


Working With People

Do you love the idea of working with people day in and day out? If that’s the case, you might definitely want to consider nursing as your first choice. Particularly if you already plan to go into medicine. Doctors might get larger paychecks, and the role may come with a higher level of prestige. However, on average doctors spend very little time with their patients. Instead, it’s the nurses who are always there, and this is something to bear in mind.


Career Growth

Yes, you can grow your career as a nurse. It is certainly not a dead end job. You can take courses that will allow you to focus on managing a hospital floor rather than just looking after patients. As such, you might find that with the right training you eventually manage the nursing staff. That comes with perks such as better hours and yes higher levels of pay. In top nursing positions salaries can reach as high as 100K. That rivals the salaries of some doctors.


So, is nursing the right choice for you? That’s going to be a personal choice but the benefits mentioned here certainly make the possibility one that is undoubtedly worth exploring. Once you start to look into nursing, you could find that it offers everything you have ever wanted from your career.

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