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A Blank Canvas – Where To Begin With Interior Design

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We all have a pet project, and when you’ve bought a new home, this is probably the biggest pet project you’ll ever have because it is a blank canvas that you can decorate any way you want in any manner that fits into your life, style, and lifestyle! And you may feel tempted to decorate the whole thing from the ground up and start from scratch, but you can get overwhelmed with all of the decisions and choices. This is something interior designers know all too well, so let’s take a leaf out of their book and figure out where to begin when it comes to designing your own home.

Getting Inspiration

Starting with a blank canvas can cause you to feel overwhelmed, but it is the perfect starting point. So it’s now time to do your research and get inspired by every single aspect of what you would like to achieve from your home. Do you want it showy or gaudy? Or do you want it modest and understated? If you start to make choices about the style of home you want to live in as a reflection of your personality, this will encourage you to make more definitive choices in everything rather than trying out ideas to see if they fit, which costs money and time. Gather images, motifs, pictures of designer furniture that you love, or materials and textures, and keep them together in one place such as a Pinterest board and begin to whittle down what goes together and what doesn’t.


Look At Your Options

Is it possible to get everything done in a short space of time? It can be quite a mammoth task once you have weighed up if you’re capable of it in a financial sense as well as in a personal sense, because if time is an issue, it may make more sense to bring in a house renovations contractor to do the bulk of the work. It can be a big ask to undertake everything yourself so make sure you are ready for the challenge because once you’re in the thick of it, it’s hard to make a U-turn!


Purchasing The Items

Here’s the fun bit! It’s now time to start buying the big items such as the tables and couches. It’s better to purchase the big items first because doing it the other way around would cause issues in trying to fit those big items into the house. It may be something you’d forget about during the shopping process, but rugs will need to go in with the larger furniture. Make sure you budget accordingly, and to help you keep within your financial limits, it is best to create a budget spreadsheet where you can add items to it as you go. If you do go over in your estimated budget, try and make substitutions that you are comfortable with to help bring the cost back down.


Once you have done the big bits, you can start it and add the relevant layers to create your ideal home.

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