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Simple Steps To Boost Your WordPress Website Speed

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Simple Steps To Boost Your WordPress Website Speed – Do you like to wait around for a site to load? No, you don’t and the moment you spend few seconds waiting for it to load you just give up the thought of using the website and look for alternatives. What I am trying to prove is that, that you are not alone with the same mindset of abandoning the websites but 40% people do that whenever it takes more than three seconds for a site to load.

Interesting!!!!!isn’t it? So, if you are a budding entrepreneur and are looking forward to developing your own website to increase the scope of the business, then it is a wise step but you need to also focus on the speed of the website.

Slow websites inhibit the user experience. People who are dissatisfied with the speed of a particular website are less likely to go to that website again, hence, end up looking for better alternatives. Even a one-second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16%. It is obvious that speed plays a vital role in determining the scope of your website. What follows next is how you can enhance the speed of your website?


Speed Matters:

We live in a fast-paced society and want everything readily and instantly. Everybody hates to wait in any sphere of life. It is something that no one can stand to and same applies for websites. Slower loading time kills the user experience and makes the user think of other websites.

Why does speed matters? You must be wondering as to why it is of so importance, the fact that speed can either make or break your website, the choice is yours. The speed of websites is important because:

  • a faster site attracts more visitors
  • is capable of turning mere visitors into loyal customers
  • a faster site has optimized search algorithms that help in higher ranking
  • it increases page views

There are a lot of benefits of a faster website other than the aforementioned but the crux is that speed really matters. Without taking the right step you might end up with a stagnant website and in the worst case scenario you may fail to attract new visitors but also might end up losing the existing customer.


Google includes takes into consideration the site’s speed in its ranking algorithm that means slower the website lower is the ranking affecting the SEO perspective. So, if your website is slow it will have lower ranking hence, more difficult for search engines to search it. Bummer.

In this blog post, I will introduce you to ways that can speed up your WordPress website.

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#1: Good Hosting Selection

Every business has some budget constraint hence, shared host seems to be relevant. You might get a host at a minimal amount but it comes at another cost – slow website speed. As it is shared among others sites, therefore, during heavy traffic it might be down with some technical issue. So, don’t get trapped in what may seem the perfect way to kick-start your site but choose wisely. You can go for Managed Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Hosting. They might cost you a little higher but at least they provide you with a higher speed and no kind of technical failure.


Managed WordPress Hosting is recommended for online business purposes. Dedicated Hosting is used by bigger sites that have millions of daily visitors. Virtual Private Hosting is for technically adept who are well aware of the technicalities.

#2: Minimal use of HTML, JavaScript, CSS:

Tabs and space are used to make codes perspicuous but you should remove all the white space from codes before presenting it before anyone. Irrespective of the outlook of the code, servers execute it as long as there are no bugs but if you want to download and upload the files faster you must consider removing all the white space and tabs.


White space is good from the Web Design’s perspective but for developer and visitors, it is not so.

#3: Cut down on HTTP requests:

Every there is a request for your site or someone visits it or if there are HTTP requests, then, in that case, the corresponding files like HTML files, CSS files, and JavaScript files are loaded, more the number of requests more files you have to upload hence, there would be decrease in the site’s speed. By reducing files you can minimize the number of HTTP requests, thereby, loading up site speed.


You can even simplify the sites’ design and can merge files such as scripts and CSS.

#4: Use an effective caching plugin:

If you have multiple visits then for every visit you have, WordPress fetches the respective information and then display it to the user. Hence, for every request it fetches the information making your site performing slower.

This process of fetching can slow down the site when multiple visitors are visiting your site. Caching is important to scale new heights and sustain heavy web traffic without crashing. Instead of fetching the information, caching plugins dynamically load every page automatically, therefore, web pages load only once every time there is a new visit.

By using a caching plugin you can significantly increase your sites’ speed by decreasing the loading time, hence, increasing the performance.


Caching is important for frequent users and for those who visit several pages on your site.

#5: Optimize by compressing images:

Images add that Midas touch to websites and make them enchanting. If properly used they can play a significant part in attracting more attention but then, to every story there are two sides. Images can, too, slow down your site. You should compress files at the server before sending it for further processing. You can reduce the file size, hence, boosting the site’s speed and improving the performance.


If reducing the file size is a strenuous task for you and you think that it might affect the quality of the file, then you don’t need to worry as there are some online tools and WordPress plugins that can do that task for you. EWWW Image Optimizer, WP Smush – Image Optimization, Compress JPEG, and PNG images to name a few.

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#6: Content Delivery Network (CDN):

CDN is a high-performance distributed system consisting of proxy servers for multiple data servers across the internet. It has enhanced web hosting. Rather than hosting your site on a single server, you can distribute the files across multiple web servers, thereby, increasing the speed and efficiency. Some advantages of CDN are mentioned below:

  • you can pre-cached files
  • distribute data centers
  • boost speed and performance
  • usage analytics

#7: Remove inactive plugins:

WordPress has hundreds of thousands of plugins and that makes it so popular. We have plugins for almost everything but the same plugins can be one of the factors that can slow down your site’s speed.

We love to try out hands at every WordPress plugins and in the process, we go on installing new plugins and sometimes we install plugins that we don’t really need. Don’t rely on plugins too much and it is always advisable to use codes whenever you can. Before installing a new plugin think if you really need it. Plugins create extra files, consequently, increasing the processing and increasing the loading time.

Go through all the plugins and uninstall all the inactive plugins as those plugins take up space and slow down your site.


#8: Keep your WordPress website up to date:

The latest is the version the more optimized and improved is the WordPress site. With each update, WordPress website keeps on improving. As it is open source, developers from around the globe look for ways to improve it, hence, to enhance the performance you must use the latest version of WordPress website.


#9: Optimize WordPress database table:

To improve the performance and increase the speed, you must optimize the WordPress SQL Database table. The database table too can become fragmented. It is not difficult to optimize the database table, you can do it manually too, using phpMyAdmin or a plugin.

WP-Optimize, WP-DBManager are some of the plugins that can extensively clean up, repair, backup and restore your database

You might now know that speed plays a key factor in determining the scope of your business. With these few steps, you can enhance the speed of your website.

Optimizing the site can bring in new horizons and the speed can really make a difference. A difference that can make your business reach new heights. Simply following the above-mentioned tips, you can enhance the performance and this shouldn’t take long to get done and it will bear the fruits of your efforts.

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