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Build Bridges, Be Happier

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Disagreements and feuds within the workplace are never pleasant situations. Rather than simply focusing on the instigators of the feud or disagreement, the whole office can become affected by the atmosphere, arguments and obvious dislike between the two people – or groups. When in a professional environment, it can tend to be quite frustrating and can even feel immature when disagreements between colleagues take place. After all, they work for the same company, get paid by the same people, share space in the office and really only know each other from their time in the office. Therefore, it can be hard to understand why these situations take place as a disagreement can – and does – affect jobs, morale, and happiness in the workplace. You’d think that everyone would just want to get on with their jobs, right? Well, that is not entirely true and arguments in the workplace are a pretty common thing.

When these sort of situations take place, it is up to an employee who is in a higher position to resolve the conflict. Sometimes, even the boss of the whole business will want to deal with it to ensure everything is smoothed out and that there is no opportunity for a similar conflict to occur again. A good way to resolve a conflict between colleagues is to sit them down in the same room and allow each of them to voice their opinions and thoughts on why and how the disagreement started and why it is still going on. After they have discussed their thoughts, and been completely honest with you (or whoever the mediator is) then you will need to speak clearly to them, outlining your thoughts on the conflict and the effect it has had on the morale of other colleagues.


Another option in which to solve a conflict is to directly bring the colleagues together to complete a job. Once they are one on one with each other, there is a good chance that they will begin to warm to each other or even apologize to each other about what has happened. For example, if you need some employees to research a relevant company who can provide you with a tax audit or a company who can create your next marketing campaign, assign the job to those employees. By the time the task is complete, you (and everyone else in the office) could be really surprised about the positive way the employees who were in a conflict are now interacting with each other.


Whatever way in which you want to solve the conflict between employees, make sure that the option you choose is the best way for you, the company, and employees. By arguing with the employees who are feuding, you will only make the whole situation worse, so it is important to remain calm, clear and collected if or when you become a mediator in the situation. Nobody really likes dealing with difficult situations like a workplace dispute but in order to solve it and move on, assess solutions to the problem.

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