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Build Muscle In Days With My Tips

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If you research getting fit on Google, you’ll find a number of articles online telling you it’s impossible to build up muscle slowly. That it takes time, and you have to be patient. Or, that not everyone’s metabolism allows fast muscle building. Well today I’m going to tell you this is nonsense. You can build muscle in a matter of days as long as you take the right steps and don’t make any silly mistakes. What steps am I talking about?

Increase The Protein In Your Diet

If you want to build muscle, you need to be eating protein and I mean a lot of it. Protein is found in plenty of different foods, typically red meats. If you want to eat protein, I suggest you eat a good sized steak now and then. It can be difficult getting used to this diet change because you will be adding thousands onto your typical calorie intake. But I promise you it will be worth it when you look at yourself in the mirror after a few days.

Remember, you can’t skip meals when you’re building muscle. Eat three good sized meals a day and forget about eating snacks. You don’t want them and you don’t need them. They are what’s stopping you reaching your full potential.


Use Supplements

If you don’t think you can get the calories you need by consuming bigger amounts of protein, take protein supplements instead. This is a good tip for people who have never been able to handle a bigger diet. You’ll still get the protein you need without eating the excess food. Results may vary through this method. But you’ll be a lot better off than not increasing the amount of protein you’re eating at all. AST-Sports Science has more information about the type of supplements you should use.


The Myth Of Metabolism

I know a lot of people will have heard their high metabolism is stopping them putting on any muscle. Just like people with a low metabolism have been advised that’s why they can’t lose weight. The worse part is that they believe that means there’s nothing they can do to change their bodies. Again, this is rubbish. You can alter your metabolism if you work at it, simply by changing your diet. If you consume enough protein you’ll put on the muscle as long as you are exercising regularly. The next question is, what type of exercise should you be doing. But actually, it’s not because we’ve missed a step.

When Should You Exercise?

You should exercise before a meal like breakfast or dinner. You can then use the protein you’re consuming to build the muscle you’ve been working on. First thing in the morning is probably the best idea. Whatever you do, don’t exercise after a meal. You will quickly burn off what you’ve just eaten before your body can get the benefits of the protein and minerals. In short, the exercise becomes pointless.

Seven Minutes Is All You Need

Shorter spouts of exercise are better for you than hours of exhaustion. Olympic athletes don’t train for hours. They train vigorously for minutes, pushing themselves to the limit. They don’t take massive breaks, and this is the routine you should be aiming for. Rather than stretching out your routine, complete the work out as quickly as you can.

If you do this, I promise you’ll see rapid changes to your body muscle in days.

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