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How Your Business Can Use The Power Of Video

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Video is an incredibly powerful format for promoting and improving your business. Did you know that video is the most shared and viral form of content? If you’re looking to reach out to new customers, and keep pumping out regular content, video is essential. It expands your reach, and it’s a more personal form of marketing. Whether it’s YouTube videos, Facebook or shorter Vines, it’s essential that you start considering a strategy. So, get yourself a good camera, and let’s learn more. In this post, we’ll show you how to get started, and give you some ideas for content.


A lot of businesses might not think that video content will work for them. But, consider a simple how-to explainer. People respond much better to a real person explaining how to do something. And you can use this in any industry. We are always searching for new skills, and a video is a great way to teach people. Use YouTube or Facebook video to show users a step-by-step process to do something. It’s simple, but it always works.


Meetings and Consultants

One of the most revolutionary powers of video is the ability to call in real time. You can use a video call to conduct meetings. A lot of companies are already doing this inside their company, using Skype to host group video calls. However, you can go one step further here. Why not offer a video service to your customers or clients? The health industry is already doing this by conducting video calls with patients. Telemedicine providers now allow doctors to speak directly with patients without coming into the hospital. Think about how you could do something similar in your workplace with consultancy.


Use it to show off Products

Most marketing experts will tell you that photos have a powerful effect on the customer. It actively encourages sales and brand recognition. However, you can go one step further, and use video. Video gives the customer a much better insight into the product. You can watch it in action, and see how it works and performs. For example, fashion company Asos don’t just show pictures of their clothes. You can click on the ‘catwalk’ button which shows you a little video of someone wearing the clothes. It’s makes the shopper much more likely to buy.

Share your Expertise

We often think that our videos must be funny, viral, or awe-inspiring. That’s not necessarily true. Yes, some of the most popular internet videos are those things. But, that doesn’t means yours should be too. In fact, your customers will appreciate a simple explainer video that shows off your expertise. Most customers or clients are looking for information on something. Use video to show off your skills, and convince them to buy your services.

Welcome Video

Some businesses use video to welcome customers and clients to their company. It’s a great way to show people behind-the-scenes, and introduce them to the business. It shows customers that there’s a real team of people behind the company. As a customer, that gives us a little more confidence and trust in a business. You can also use this technique to help people understand the company. Use it to explain what you do, and simplify the concept for people.


Success Stories and Case Studies

This is particularly useful in the B2B world and business. Why? Because you can quickly and easily show clients how and why your services work. By highlighting an old case study, a prospective client can see immediately what you do, and why it works. Including a short testimonial from the client will also help boost confidence and trust in your abilities. Showing clients a clear demonstration about your company is a great way to get them to pick up the phone.

Video Editing

A final note before you go. You can download a simple video editing suite for free or at a low price. Final Cut Pro is the professional package, but not essential. Don’t be put off by the editing process. It’s easy enough to learn the basics, and you don’t necessarily need to know all the intricate details. Try it yourself, and you’ll see how intuitive it all is. If you still don’t feel comfortable with it, simply hire a video company to help you create a powerful short video.

That’s all for now, folks! Remember to produce regular video content, and keep your YouTube channel fresh and exciting. Where would you start with you next video project? Good luck with your video, and let us know if you have any questions!

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