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Business Expanding? The Definitive List of Things You Must Remember When Taking on New People!

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So you’ve done the hard part! You’ve pretty much got your business off the ground! Now comes the exciting part where you get to hire people and start building up a bit of a team! This will be a great step for your company and something which should not be taken lightly. With hiring new people, comes a lot more responsibility. You will be looking after not only yourself but your employees as well! To make sure you are as thorough as possible, follow these things you have to keep in mind!

1) Assess your needs for finding an employee

Firstly, it is so important to know what you need as an employer. It is up to you to create the job role, so you will need to be able to list, very clearly, the skills necessary, as well as the daily tasks of your new employee. This will be able to show you how many roles you will need and you can make an informed decision from there. This all goes along with what you can afford as well; you will need to figure out what roles are most important based on the budget.


2) Do your legal research before

Before you make any moves into finding the right employee for you, you will have to know everything you need to do legally to employ someone. There are a lot of laws that need to be abided by. For example, you will need employers insurance and specialist contract insurance. If you don’t look into this first, you may run into trouble later down the line, which won’t be great for the business!


3) Finding the right person

Having the right person come on board is absolutely everything regarding the progression of your business. Your staff makes up your whole effort- even if it is a bit cliche to say! Make sure you find the person that you trust as well as someone who you believe is going to bring amazing new ideas to the table. With the wrong team, you won’t find yourself moving forward as a company.  

4) Treat them well, and they’ll treat you well in return

No one wants to be the boss that everyone hates. When finding employees, it is better to wait till you can afford to pay them a decent salary, not just the minimum wage, and to give them bonuses as well for example a decent retirement plan. This just creates an entirely better atmosphere, and your employees will want to work a lot harder if they feel that they are appreciated.


5) Train your new employees impeccably

Once you have found who you believe to be the perfect candidate for the role, make sure you prepare them so well. In that time, make sure you are getting to know them as a person and also ask them for ideas as well. Make sure they understand the role entirely by asking them questions about what they think. You can also get some external training done if you think it will work well for you.

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