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How Your Business Should Launch Its New Product

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There’s much more to releasing a new product these days than simply churning out a quick press release. You could do that if you really wanted to, but it won’t do much for your business or the product. You have to be a little more creative and proactive than that if you want your product to have the best chance of success.

Make the Product Available to Influencers

First of all, once the product has been completed, you need to let it be tested by influencers. These influencers could be people who are well known in your industry. Or they could be journalists who are specialists in their field of journalism. You don’t want to give the product to too many people though because then there could be a leak too soon. If you do let some people test the product in advance of the launch, make sure that you make the sign a contract that details the terms of use.


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Drip Feed Details Slowly on Social Media

When you are edging closer to that deadline, you need to start drip feeding information to people who are interested. This is something that you can do on social media platforms. You could post teaser videos and images on Twitter, revealing more each day until the big day arrives. This is a great way of building anticipation and getting people talking about the product that you are about to release. It’s so simple to do as well. It costs nothing to post some teasers on social media platforms, but it does make a big difference to the launch’s success.


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Hold a Big Event

You should then host a big event when the product can be properly be revealed to the wider world. This is what many big companies do whenever they have a new product to release. But even smaller businesses can do it and benefit. As long as you have a loyal base of fans who are interested in what your business is doing, then it can work well. But what you do is entirely up to you. You can buy fireworks wholesale and then use them to put on an extravagant outdoor event. It’s something that is definitely worth planning in advance to make sure you get it just right.


Invite the Press

All the details and ideas outlined above will be rendered pretty useless if you don’t invite the press though. You don’t want to go to all that trouble if the press isn’t even going to write about it. So, you should think about which journalists you should invite to your launch event. If the business is small, you’ll only need to invite local bloggers and journalists. But for national businesses, people from the top newspapers and even TV networks will often get an invite. They can then write about the launch and the new product if they want to. Not everyone will accept your invite, but even if a few of them do, it will be positive for the launch.

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