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Business Website Basics: Are You Behind The Times?

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It is often said that times and trends move faster now than at any point in history. If you look at the human culture and what is considered normal, there’s no doubt that the information age has meant we are progressing at a faster and faster rate.

Overall, this is a good thing for you. There’s a chance your business might even operate in a field – such as digital marketing or IT – that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. Now it’s a viable business for you because you’ve been able to take advantage of the way that trends and habits change. We’re all early adopters now, as we become seasoned to moving along at a relentless pace.

That is… until we grind to a halt.


When your business is doing well, it’s easy to become complacent. You’re so focused on fulfilling orders and keeping customers happy, that you take your eye off the wheel in other respects. Your social media promotion begins to become more sporadic; your website falls out of date. But what does it matter, if it’s the success of your business that means you’re falling behind the times?

Well – it matters a lot. Keeping new customers and focusing on existing work; that’s great. However, one day you might want new customers, and if they see a business website that’s fallen far away from the current accepted norm, then that’s not going to reflect well on your business.

If you’ve not updated your techniques, then start browsing through the basic necessities here and educate yourself on how much things have changed. Then, go to your site. If you identify any of the five old-fashioned features on your website, get rid of them as quickly as possible.

#1: Paragraphs Of Keywords

You know the look; at the bottom of every page, there’s a huge block of different keywords in the footer. It’s an outdated practice now, which stands more chance of harming your SEO than actually helping it.


#2: Pop Ups

Everyone hates them. Everyone. They might seem like a great way to grab someone’s attention, but they’re not. They are a great way to make people want to get from your website as soon as possible, though.


#3: A Solely Chronological Blog

If you have a blog section for your business site, then keeping the blog solely chronological probably isn’t the best idea. Highlight your best and featured posts as the first thing that new visitors see.


#4: Lack Of Structure

The early websites were more like single pages, with very little structure to them. They were more: here’s the information we think you need, keep scrolling to find what you do need. Modern websites have very much done away with this. Use a theme to introduce a sense of structure, along with a clear toolbar which can help new visitors navigate the site with ease.


#5: Fancy Fonts

There was a time when the height of web design involved fancy fonts; in particular, the Papyrus font was absolutely everywhere. If you’ve still got anything but a standard, easy-to-read font in either your logo or (worse!) your main text, then it needs to change. Immediately.

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One Comment

  1. Adithya Shetty

    September 5, 2017 at 8:45 am

    Hi Karthik,

    Great post, I agree, Pop ups are annoying for users, but they do work to collect emails. specially exit-intended pop-ups.


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