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Calling All Pro Bloggers: Strategies To Make Your Blogging Career Run Smoothly

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When you are a blogger, there are some certain things that only fellow bloggers will understand. The need for taking pictures at crazy times of day, just to get the best light. The social media sharing and hashtags galore. The copious amounts of deliveries arriving from the mailman (who you are pretty sure hates you). Looking for Instagram photo opportunities at all times. The trolls, the editing, the spell checking and the blogging events. The list goes on! It can be hard to explain it all to non-bloggers sometimes. But though there are certain ‘blogger problems,’ you can do some things to make your life as a blogger easier. Here are a few ideas for you.

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#1: Schedule Posts

When you start out, many people don’t realize (or underestimate the importance) that you can schedule posts. So you can set the time that you want them to be published. Then you can still have posts going out on the days that you post, even if you are away or will be working. You can even schedule social media posts too. There are apps that help you to schedule tweets and Instagram photos. You can schedule Facebook posts on your blog’s Facebook page too. You can also set your blog to auto-post to platforms like Google Plus, whenever a new blog post is published. So you don’t need to feel overwhelmed with all of the sharing that you have to do. Get it all scheduled!



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#2: Use Apps

There are lots of apps that will make your blogging life easier. As I have just touched on, you can get apps for social media to schedule your posts. You can also use apps like PayPal so that you can create invoices and check payments, all by the touch of a button on your phone. There are the great photo and video editing apps like VSCO that you can download and edit your photos while you are sat on the bus or out for lunch. You can even get the app that lets you know where phone charging stations are near you. So if you are out and about and losing the battery on your device, you can find where a charging station is. You don’t want to miss out on photo opportunities, miss getting your emails, or the chance to tweet or Snapchat at a blogging event, for instance.


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#3: Back Up Regularly

If you make your income from your blog, then it could be disastrous if you get hacked or lose your blog after an update. So make sure that you are backing up your blog regularly. Then if the worst does happen, it will be easy to recover it all. It is also a good idea to get some good antivirus software for your computer, as well as a hacking monitor for your blog. There are various plugins that will help with that, as well as something offered by your hosting provider. So look for one that will keep a close eye on your site.


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