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Why A Career In Network Admin Is Just The Ticket You Need

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Almost all today’s modern businesses are entirely dependent on their computer networks. After all, it’s their network that keeps their CRM running and their employees connected. So when there’s trouble with the system, businesses panic.

As a computer networking specialist, it’s your job to make sure that everything keeps running smoothly. You’ll be working hard to troubleshoot problems and issues before they bring down the entire company. It’s as much of a technical job, as well as a practical one. And on top of that, it’s rather well paid. Here we’re going to look at why you might want to consider becoming a network administrator.

Job Descriptions Here Are Fuzzy, You’ll Learn As You Go

There’s a lot of buzzwords around the network administration at the moment. When companies advertise for these roles, they’ll often use terms like “hardware management.” These terms don’t really mean all that much in practice; they’re just designed to prevent anybody off the street from applying. In truth, all business networks are slightly different. So your experience will be heavily dependent on the company you work for.



You’ll have to do some formal qualifications before you can become a network administrator. But most of your training will be on the job. You’ll soon discover that a lot of stuff can and does go wrong, and on a surprisingly frequent basis. If you’re the sort of person who loves solving problems, this will probably be just the type of work you’ve been looking for. As with any job in IT, there’s a steep learning curve when you first get started. But once you’ve mastered the basics, things become a lot more manageable. Thanks to the ever-changing nature of technology and updates, there’s always new challenges to be had in the future.

Demand Is High And Is Still Growing

A lot of people worry that they are training for skills that just won’t be demanded in the future. Think of all the people currently embroiled in liberal arts degrees with no economic payoff. The good news is that demand for network administrators is expected to grow significantly over the course of this decade. The US Department of Labor estimates that we’ll see an extra 96,000 posts open up before the decade is out. Average pay in the sector is on the rise too. By 2012, the median pay was already pushing $74,000 a year. What’s more, growth in the industry is so robust it actually continued throughout the 2009 recession period. Thus, you’re much less likely to lose your job, even if there is another crash.


Network Admin Opens Up New Career Paths

Network administrators quickly become experts in their field. They soon become capable of working outside of large companies. After a few years, many leave their first job behind and go on to do other things. One of the things that they do is start up their own freelance technician businesses. They consult with firms on their networking strategies and help them when they run into problems. Often they’re able to earn a lot more money doing this than they ever could working in a firm full time.

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