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Your Checklist For Vendors To Hire On Your Wedding

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Are you planning for your own wedding? Well, arranging a wedding party can be more tiresome than what your mind can conceive. After all, you need to take hold of so many things, ranging from the foods, dresses, decorations, entertainment…. the list seems to have no ending. However, to get some additional help, you need not to think twice to get services from vendor specialized in event management. However, all good things come for a good price, so is the service of reliable vendors. If you are a budget-bride or a budget groom, then you might need to take some time to consider the vendors that you would be able to do without, to those vendors you might not need for your party. Here’s a checklist to help you get started.

1) Caterer:

As you all know that food is the main attraction of every event, so it is a very important thing to focus on. You do not pick up any vendors with awfully prepared food that the gust will not like to have. This vendor is one of the vendors which directly contact with each and every one of your guest so it is an important category which is not overlook. You keep in mind that they not only provide food for your reception but appetizers for cocktail hours too. Many vendors also provide some light desert snack like cookies and coffee. They don’t provide cakes that the cake vendors job.


2) Cake vendor:

What is a wedding without a wedding cake? It is not only good in taste and also good in looks. But finding the right vendor is not a ‘cakewalk’. Are you ready for taking any slanted cakes with uneven frosting? The answer is a BIG NO, of course! So make sure that you select a vendor who knows what he will be doing!



3) DJ:

Without DJ your reception will not have fun and the amp you are looking for. While choosing DJ, first looks for a strong vocal and energetic DJ it gives energy in your reception. Now some DJ vender are starting to add on lighting which rental vendor too so pick up the cheapest one. They are also starting to provide photo booth.


4) Liquor vender:

If the caterer is not providing the liquid option then the liquor vender might be needed. A liquor vendor comes in handy when the caterer are not able provide this. Otherwise many caterers are able to provide this. Sometimes it is seen that liquor vender is cheaper than what the caterer is charging.


5) Florist:

Flowers can change the overall environment of your wedding. So it is also a necessary item. If you do not want flower as your center piece florist are still necessary! What about the bouquets? So try to find out a florist who can renovate the vision.


6) Photo booth:

Photo booths are the main prop in the birthday, parties, wedding, reunions, corporate gathering and many other events. Guests are eagerly waiting for their photo shoot. If there is a long line they are not minding to wait as because they bring home a unique keepsake. In traditional photo booth, the resolution of photo is low and now we enjoy booths equipped will all sort of fun props paraphernalia. What about getting help from a dependable wedding photo booth provider who will make your wedding photography album shine?


7) Tent and party rental vendors:

The last but not the least. You can’t have your wedding without table, chair and linen. This is what a party rental vender provides and it is necessary to have this. If the wedding will held in a hotel they provide linen with your options of white and ivory. But if you not an ivory and white type then you can see your local party vendor what they offer to you.

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