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Choosing Light Up Letters to Illuminate Your Big Day

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When it comes to arranging a special party, particularly something as special as wedding days, you might want to explore the lesser tried options that do not create a dent in your pocket.
You may have come across light up letters if you are consulting the decoration companies that specialize in wedding events or similar special days. Nowadays these light cards make a special entry to the wedding event making it more fabulous and attractive. Even the wedding pictures look nice.

There customer with various kinds of letter with different fonts and styles and even you can use your initials and many more.

Even you can use hash tags or any other symbols.


These are very much in trend these times. You may also give check on the pictures that different event organizer companies have to offer.

Options to Explore

You can use these light cards while making a marquee sign to decorate your wall or to light your room or just to increase the glow of your room.

The letters are cool enough no matter it is made of wood or aluminum and these are also in trend nowadays.

Light Up Your Home With One Of These Marquee Signs!

  1. Drop Anchor
  2. Office Love
  3. Happy Hour
  4. Outdoor Holiday
  5. Give Thanks Mantel
  6. Large Aluminum Letter
  7. Wooden “&” Letter
  8. Glitter Joy Letters
  9. Kitchen Bake
  10. Large Letter Decor Piece
  11. Simple “Hey”

How to Choose the Perfect Thing

If you work for any event industry or own it then you have to add these special things to increase your stock. This will surely show you the path of profit. Setting of these things is very easy and very little time consuming. You can do it on the

Although maintenance is required very much, you can freely leave your stuff and attend other event or even enjoy your meal. And after the event gets over you can easily return by packing the stuffs easily and easy investments.
But before choosing the letters you must look for certain things.

  • Make sure it is 5 ft tall.
  • Demand and valuation of these things are increasing fast.
  • Easy and quick return policy.
  • Easy setup
  • Free labor cost.
  • Non employment of staff.
  • Fully PAT tested.
  • Illumination is nice and beautiful.
  • To prevent fall floor stands must be needed.
  • Hire from any established company.
  • Even you can share your experience or can take help from others suggestion.
  • Make sure of the quality of the letters. It must be the best.
  • Aluminum cord must be there to prevent bending.
  • For getting attracting affects you must ensure the quality of the cabochons and bulbs. But also concentrate on the price.

As the quality will be higher the price will also be higher. So choosing medium or long maintained one is profitable.

Additional Words of Help

Installation of channeled letters is easier enough and can be done by your own. You don’t have to hire any for its installation. Usually the letters are previously mounted on the wall individually or may be placed in a rectangular box. It is best to install mounted letters individually than the rectangular one.

In the rectangular box the letters are pre-spaced and are previously mounted. If you don’t like the design then you can make changes in it but it may little expensive. In individual lettering its time consuming but looks nice and attractive and are previously mounted and can be installed on spot to get the best effect.

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