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Choosing a Party Theme for Your Preteen Child

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Make your child’s special day unique by customizing their birthday party with theme. Kid’s entertainment has an enormous selection of costume, decoration, music and activities so that your child’s birthday can be perfectly geared towards their interest. No matter the choice you make, you should ensure that they will endow an awesome deal of fun and thrill for any kind around. Below given some ideas or suggestions and be supportive of his or her ideas, as well.

#1: Movie night

This idea is for the kids who want to have group party. This is applicable for grown up child. Be sure the selection of a movie that won’t have other guardian complaining. If your child wants to choose the movie early then write the movie title on the top of the invitation card so there won’t be any confusion about the entertainment. Movie with popcorn and junior mint can make the party hits. Ideas given for movie night

  • Game: – games like movie trivial pursuit. Divide the team into two and stick with the current movies as because the kid at this age may not know the old movie.
  • Party Favour: – video store coupons. Don’t go to the local rental store and see what they have got. Good chances for the store. The store will have a promotion so that you can tap into.


#2: Soccer party

This is the outdoor party for soccer lovers. It can be held in local park or back yard. You will need to invite enough people for team play, and also note on the top of the invitation card that there will be a party based on soccer so that the guest who are coming in this event they can dress according to the theme. Soccer ideas given in the below: –

  • Game: – having both set of traditional soccer game and set a relay races. You should keep in mind that there are enough adult on the other hand for supervising the game. Out obstacle course in the fastest time will be awarded for a range of accomplishments from the dribbler.
  • Party favour: – supplies of soccer theme school.


#3: Pirate party

This theme is suitable for both indoor and outdoor and it is also good one for multi-age as because it cut many age lines. Use your computer treasure map generated from the invitation to bash. Pirate party ideas are given in the below:-

  • Game: – the game like treasure hunt you can play. Under the guise of searching for buried treasure in a traditional scavenger hunt set up. This can take place in a backyard or inside. Each small team have two or three member and divide the guest accordingly and also have them hunt for a variety of items. The time should be set for the players. The team who are able to find more item that will be the winning team.
  • Party favour: – eye patches.


Bonus Tip: Party Timeline Management

While the type of party that you want to throw will highly depend on the theme you choose, the games that you plan for the guests and the menu you choose. However, it is equally important to decide on a time management strategy to avoid last-minute hassles while arranging a party. Here is lowdown on how to make it:

  • One month before party day: – make the menu items, send invitation and guest lists.
  • Two week before party day: -shop for party favours, paper goods. Also, send RSVPs to check whether all your invitees will be turning up on the D-day.
  • One week before party day: – shop for menu items.

This idea is for the kids who want to have family-run Bouncy Castle Bedfordshire. This is applicable for grown up child.

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