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How to Clean Your Kitchen Quickly and Effectively?

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If you just happened to pay through your nose to materialize that dream kitchen for your house, chances are that you might already be struggling to upkeep the food-den of your house to its newly, renovated glory. Most modern kitchens are installed with countertops made out of different materials; furthermore, each section and material requires an exquisite, material-specific level of cleaning. Also, the nooks and crannies and oddly bulging corners need to be cleaned with different types of cleaning liquids.

Most of you might already have realized that maintaining the kitchen is a harrowing task—even more so than renovating it, at that! Here is how you can go about cleaning your kitchen to keep it as clean and spic-n-span as possible:

#1: Countertops

It is the countertop that you do most of your cooking work on. It goes without saying, that you ought to clean it after each use—at least, gently if not rigorously. Most slabs can easily stand a spray of slightly-warmed water and a gentle dish detergent. Also, it is best practice to leave the countertop absolutely dry as even the slightest of moisture can act as the breeding ground for bacteria and insects of a thousand kinds.



Remember never to use vinegar-based detergents on wooden countertops as vinegar can easily consume the glue that binds wood into a cohesive unit. Bleach and ammonia are the biggest poisons you could treat the concrete slabs in your kitchen with since they are known to render the surface sealants damaged and overall finish dull. Use only a nonabrasive glass cleaning liquid for the glass slabs in your kitchen and elsewhere. Last, but not the least, you ought not to allow marble and granite surfaces to get stained since the stain can seep deep within the porous surface, doing more harm than good in the long run.

#2: Sinks

In case your kitchen is installed with a stainless steel, cast iron or porcelain washbasin, then you would be hunky-dory with any regular all-purpose spray. Use the spray on your sink after every single use in order to keep it in good condition. In case the all-purpose spray is not available or you run out of it, you could also make-do with a spray made of a mild dishwashing soap and water. Remember to dry out your kitchen sink with a tender cloth every time you spray it clean to reduce soap scum from building up. You could use a mixture of borax and half a lemon as a natural remedy to rid your sink of dirty stains.


#3: Floors

Your kitchen floor is bound to get dirty from the grease and dust build-up. Mop your kitchen floor or use a vacuum cleaner, as per your convenience. Do this without fail every single day to ensure the surface does not lose its lustre. Keep doormats at the entrance to your kitchen to prevent dirt from foot from making its way to your kitchen.


#4: Walls

You could use a broom with a long handle to clear the walls and ceiling of the cobwebs. This should be repeated almost weekly to make your kitchen look neater on the whole.


#5: Cupboards, Shelves & Racks

Use a damp mop to clean all the shelves once they have been cleared off all the stored contents. The cupboard and rack doors should also be cleaned with a damp mop soaked in mild detergent on a biweekly basis, if not more often, to give the kitchen a cleaner and tidier appearance.


The biggest mistake that you could possibly commit is using a sub-standard cleaning liquids on your expensive kitchen countertops, shelves and surfaces. You must stick to cleaning liquids manufactured only by reputed brands to prevent unnecessary damage to your granite or marble. Try Sprayzet, ITW, Pidilite, Miracle and ITC, to name a few for their good-quality cleaning agents.

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