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The All-Too-Common Tech Mistakes You’ll Probably Make

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There was a time around my 7th or 8th birthday that I remember getting my first computer. I was absolutely thrilled but also incredibly terrified because here was this expensive machine that could do almost anything I want… but could also easily be destroyed by accident. So, Let check here are few common tech mistakes you will probably make in your tech time.

I’ve done a lot of goofs over the years:

  • Racked up nearly $1000 bill when dial up first came around because of long distance
  • Accidentally wiped my entire drive because I was trying to tweak OS settings
  • Lost countless accounts because I didn’t fully understand their value

I’m sure you’ve done quite a few goofs with your computer over the years especially since technology changes quite a bit and catches you off guard at times. It happens. Hopefully, you learned from them. I wanted to share a few more that are quite common – you may run into them sooner or later so why not be prepared on what to do when it goes down?


#1: The click that sets you Back

An accidental deletion of a core operating system folder or work file can be like getting punched in the gut. Hopefully if this happens you have some form of backup for your data; if that’s not the case then you can use data recovery tools which are simple enough but if you’re really distressed I’d say just call a remote data recovery provider so they can handle the tough stuff.


#2: The lack of Maintenance

Look… your computer needs love and care. Whenever you’re complaining about how slow it’s going it’s probably because you haven’t run a virus scan, defrag, or cleared out cache in quite a long time. Yes, computers get slow over time because of increasing demands by the software but you really do need to update your drivers, programs, and security features else you’re going to operate at a crawl and could be leaking private information to snooping eyes.

#3: The gullible web Experience

You must do some due diligence when it comes to content, who you’re talking to, what links you’re clicking, and what you’re downloading online. People can and will lie like no tomorrow so next time you read an article… check the sources. Also, take some time to learn who you’re talking to and believe in the red flags if they’re beginning to edge toward asking for money. The same goes with links you receive – hover over them to see where they’re pointing and don’t click if you don’t know the source (same for downloads).


#4: The Dirty Machine

You change the air filter in your car and in your house don’t you? A computer collects a great number of particles and dust, too. Plus, we tend to munch and drink at our computers so all those crumbs get in there. The airflow being restricted is going to make the computer run at a higher temp and start to damage the components. Do yourself a favor: buy a can of compressed air and clean the machine.

#5: The over complication of Errors

When a computer is acting up it’s all-too-common for someone to think everything is crapping out which results in them taking it to the shop, some tech service at a retail store, or buying into cleaners. From my experience, a good amount of the issues you tend to face can be alleviated by resetting a router or restarting the computer. Yes, restarting can often be all that’s needed to get back to where you were before.


#6: The lack of two-factor Authorization

This one is probably the easiest thing to do in order to keep your information safe but I still find people giving it a pass. I don’t know why people don’t set up recovery accounts and two-factor authorization (like when you get a confirmation to your email) but it happens. It would be a huge mistake to skip the reminders when you’re using services like your email, banking, or social media accounts. Just get it done and set up!

The nice thing is that people are getting fairly proficient with their computing and skepticism with what they’re finding online which, in tandem with great services, keeps their computers running fresh (for the most part) and their info safe.


Mistakes happen and it’s better to know what they are and what to expect rather than freaking out.

What have been some of your biggest tech mistakes?

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