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Could Your Computer Savvy Be A Business Idea?

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It’s fair to assume that if you’re here, you know a thing or two about computers. You’ve probably encountered more than a few blue screens of death, know how to install extra memory, and have mastered all the abbreviations for specs that make everyone else’s heads spin.

It’s a useful skill, not least because you don’t know you’re learning it. So many of us see computers as a tool that we use for business. It’s the thing we use to work with affiliates, to do digital marketing, even to scout for business partners and investors. It’s a tool, and along the way, that tool will break down. As we’re eager to get to get back to our business plans, we pick up a few fixes along the way – not realizing just how vital the skills we’re honing are.

Business runs on computers these days. Even the most old-timely of businesses – a farm or agriculture business, the likes of which humans have been running for thousands of years – are now highly automated and depend on computers. Right through huge manufacturing operations, the services sector, and even the small business that sells its cute homewares on Etsy – they all rely on computers.



And computers break.

And you now know how to fix computers.

Have you been missing the biggest, easiest business opportunity in front of you this whole time?

You Don’t Need A Qualification To Be A Self-Employed Tech Expert

Tech is one of those industries where what you can practically do is more important than what you have written on a piece of paper. You don’t need a company to hire you based on your credentials; you can be self-employed and eventually the business will come.

It’s Easy To Get Started

You don’t need premises or the majority of other costs that have a tendency to damage startups. It’ll help if you have a vehicle so you can travel to clients. An idea of where you source components, such as icrfq or local suppliers for quicker fixes, is helpful too. A modest advertising budget will be helpful, but not essential. And then… that’s kind of it. All you need to do is spread the word, which is cheaper than ever thanks to free internet listings and advertising.


Start Residential, Then Work Up

Offering your services to fix computers for people in their homes is a good stepping stone to see if this business could work for you. Most issues that less-educated computer users have are relatively easily solved, especially if you know your way around the likes of Malwarebytes.

From there, you can look into providing these services for other businesses, which is where the big money is. You can build up a self-employed client base that mixes business and personal, fixing computer glitches for those who either don’t know better or don’t have the time to know better.

It’s a broad, flexible business that could provide some much-needed income while you try to get long-term digital business goals off the ground. You have the expertise, so it seems a shame not to make the most of it.

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