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Have you Considered a Self Managed Super Fund?

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Have you considered a self managed super fund? Here are the top advantages you could be looking at

Self managed super funds have slowly but steadily gained both popularity and recognition as one of the most prominent forms of superannuation. It’s been a while since they first started popping out but now, there are hundreds of thousands of them, providing specific advantages to their members and investors.

There are quite a few pros associated with self managed super funds, and it might just be the best solution for your specific situation. Of course, that varies from individual to individual, so you must research on your own whether or not it’s the right thing for you at this moment. However, as far as general advantages go, here are some of them so you can get a better idea of how effective these funds can actually be, and why so many people trust this model.



The various pros that come with a self managed super fund

  • An interesting and useful thing about super funds like this is the fact that they are compiled by multiple members that are able to pool their resources and thus combine their efforts towards reaching a similar goal. They can find financial and resourceful allies in those with similar objectives, thus making the super fund very convenient.
  • When it comes to the investments made, self managed funds allow for complete control and flexibility over those investments, not to mention the assets that go into said investments. Overall, these funds offer a vast level of control that can be hardly replicated anywhere else.
  • Investment income will generate income tax but with a self managed super fund you can considerably reduce that amount and the same thing goes for capital gains, making it just a very profitable endeavor in terms of savings.
  • With a self managed super fund, you don’t have to worry about your investment portfolio being driven the wrong path as you are entitled to complete control. This allows you to easily access your risk profile for your assets.
  • While operating assets are still iffy, the business real property can be owned through a self managed super fund, which is a great perk to have, and it’s all possible through the superannuation fund. This ultimately provides a solution for many cash flow issues.
  • The superannuation can be directly boosted with personally-owned shared as well as other securities that are listed. This allows you to more freely and efficiently make use of the total asset pool you dispose of.
  • Self managed super funds are also the way to go if you’re planning on operating completely flexible in regards to pension income streams.

These are the main advantages you’re looking at through utilizing a self managed super fund. As you can see, there are quite a few reasons for which it would be advantageous to inquire about the viability of this solution within your personal context.

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