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Don’t Forget These Items on Your Construction Site

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Construction sites are filled with equipment. Business owners in this industry can feel pretty overwhelmed when it comes to making sure their crew have everything they need to get the job done.

Here are some of the things you may have missed while preparing your inventory!

Smart hard hats

Thought the Internet of Things had left the construction industry behind? Think again. You can get wearable items that help monitor the safety of your workers. They come in all kinds of variations, but the one that stands out the most is the smart hard hat. It helps monitor the vital signs of your employees so you know the second anything goes wrong. It also helps present a bunch of useful information to the worker. Almost sounds like the worker would feel like they’re in a video game or something.




Wait. Surely nobody on a construction site would forget to bring a bucket? It seems way too obvious. Well, not only do bucket shortages happen, but there’s also the question of what kinds of buckets to buy. Buckets vary in many ways, remember! Sure, you may know that plastic buckets are the best. But you’ve got other features to consider, and I’m not talking about color. You need to consider the size, the shape, the density and strength of the plastic… basically, it’s not as simple as it seems. If you don’t have the right bucket for the job, that can set work back quite a bit.

Powder coating equipment

When you need metal or plastic to be a particular color, isn’t is enough to simply turn to traditional wet paint? Well, it will certainly get the color on. But powder coating is an alternative that could help your business out tremendously. The right powder coating equipment will get the coloring done faster than regular paint jobs. It also creates less mess – which means less waste. The coating itself is also stronger and brighter. A lot of construction businesses make the mistake of thinking wet paint is the only answer. Don’t make the same mistake!



No, I’m not suggesting that you replace your entire workforce with robots. That’s not possible yet; and even if it were, it doesn’t sound very ethical. I’m referring to surveillance drones. Not because you don’t trust your workers to get the job done, of course! It simply provides a much safer way of surveying the work you’re doing. Just send it into the air and have images and videos streamed to a computer. Simple!

Climate control

At a construction site, any number of things could go wrong. Sometimes, you have control over it. But sometimes it seems that you don’t. If the weather turns on you, or if humidity levels get too high, then how is it your fault? It’s not your fault, of course, but you can do something about it. Your construction site should have a means of temporary climate control if a problem is expected. This helps prevent any damage to materials. It also allows things like paint or plaster to set on schedule, keeping your project on track.


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