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Couple of Mistakes That SEOs Should Avoid

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Humans have one thing in common, we all make mistakes, and the best part about mistakes is that we learn from them.

There is one complex field of SEO services which is undoubtedly not everyone’s cup of tea. It is understandable if they make a mistake and learn from them and eventually never repeating them again. But what is strange here is that the mistakes these SEOs are making are most common which are avoidable. The shocking reality of this concept is that these mistakes are not committed by the fresh faces in the field; these are committed by the seasoned veterans who are in this field for a very long time.

To comment or criticize the SEOs for their mistakes would be unfair, especially when the ramifications and the complexities of SEOs work are beyond a layman’s understanding.


But these are the most common mistakes committed by the most seasoned SEOs in regards to content marketing and links, which is hard to ignore. Thus, here are the most commonly made mistakes by the SEOs causing and costing immense traffic.

All links are dedicated to the Homepage

It’s ingenious and how tempting to point all your links to our home page. Everything starts from the home page. Hence, all potential customers and prospective sales usually start on the home page. Therefore, it is understandable why these SEOs are so tempted to post all the links on the home page. This is number one mistake, and should be avoided at all cost.

The link should be rooted deep in your site, and the page that you have worked so hard for, should also deliver the objective of your website. Constrain yourself from posting all links on the homepage of your website.

Being SEOs means constant work with all those link building services together with lots of strategies and ample amount of luck customer’s end up on your page. But the job of the SEO does not end there; you still need to retain your customers. Millions of people are online every day and if out of these million people few hundred come to your page shows your efficiency but making these customers stay on your page is your ultimate goal.

Instead of pointing all links to home page, lead your customers to visit your site and explore each page with enough links in each of them.

Discarding The Blog Strategy

There is a modern myth around that people don’t read blogs. No, people are smart they love to learn new things and to believe that no one reads online blog is mere stupidity.

Most SEOs don’t pay heed to how important blogs are to any site. This is the most common mistake that the senior SEOs do, discarding any possibility of blogs as a strategy.

Having a blog adds value to your page, letting it slide thinking it won’t matter is the concept SEOs need to change and start using blogs as their strategy of improving their sites.

So the conclusion was start your refresh SEO plan by avoiding such couple of mistakes in SEO and by avoiding the above two mistakes will bring you much best results in Google SERP as possible.

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Karthik Linga is working as a Digital Marketing Specialist for past 6+ years and contributes as a part-time blogger by learning newer tactics from the experts everywhere. During his free time, he likes to share some of the mind techniques that help sharpen mental processing and arithmetic calculations.

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