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Create a Free Online Store Shop at ezebee.com

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Today I will be sharing my views on of the leading, social commerce ezebee.com platform designed for small and medium- sized businesses. Its a FREE ONLINE MARKETPLACE which offers business owners, worldwide free excess to their own website including an international marketplace to sell directly to online buyers.

In 2016, ezebee.com released a complete re-launch, with an up-to-date technical platform, latest social -commerce features and a clear “mobile-first” strategy.

Some of the interesting and useful features of this website are:


It is mobile first and full responsive, there is graph -based search engine, tag-based product segmentation, algorithmic business logic, fast and big CSV-import functions for big data and product uploads, responsive product wall based on search history per user, free web shop/page builder.

Users can directly contact other business owners through chat-to-buy feature. If users have any query related to product or service, payment or shipping options related questions, they can directly ask buyers. If they need to make any payment then they can pay directly for free through ezebee.com marketplace’s integrated e-wallet.



Users can register with their Facebook account or email id and create their profile in few simple steps. If you want to sell your products as an individual, you can easily. It is not mandatory to create page or brand. You can post an ad just like classified ad and all this is completely free. You don’t need to pay any commission.

Now anybody can be an entrepreneur by selling their products to buyers. Users can sell their artwork, paintings, furniture, and other services too without spending a penny in promoting their products. Ezebee.com helps users in reaching their audience worldwide. You can also search for anything you like to buy at this marketplace.


Start your business today.

How does it work?

You have all heard and been acquainted with pinterest. It is one of the most widely recognized social media platforms in the US and the world today. Respected individuals predominantly use it to share the many preferences in food, travel, destination, products and lifestyle. However the products and services put forward on the site are not really buyable from the website. That kind of facility has not yet been launched on the site. Unlike Pinterest, ezebee.com has been able to maneuver a way to allow its visitors to actually buy the products and services showcased on the tile like format.


This is a step that has risen almost like a lifesaver for both small scale and medium scale businesses. More and more land and mortar businesses are trying to make it big by venturing into the whole e-commerce scene with the help of ezebee.com and their very effective online shop setting up system. In case that you are looking forward to make your entry into the ezebee world, it is important that you be first aware of all the facts you need to know and also learn the online selling process.

A few facts about creating a free online store:

According to the management, there are over hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) sellers, selling their products and services actively on the site. There are another two hundred thousand (200,000) individuals you are active users of this very platform and serve as the consumers for the other hundred and fifty thousand. The platform strictly targets small business groups or the medium scale business group. The aim here is it to allow them to approach a larger bas of consumers and turn them from potential buyers to real time buyers with the effective showcase of their products. Apart from selling products, the site also allows rental, real estate and other businesses to put forward their services.


Ezebee.com has its largest markets in Europe and in India. India is presently the core of all the business activity, thanks to its growing reputation as one of the biggest e-commerce supporting country. Hence if you are looking forward to be a part of the e-commerce world in recent times, the best decision is to do it with a well-established platform, such as Ezebee. This will allow you to cross the borders of you native country and be noticed by consumers, settled throughout Europe, Indian and the United States of America.

How do you sale?

A regular user or a budding business can put up his/her own and made, custom made or manufactured products on offer. They can do so by creating an account on the platform and using it to get to the purchasers. In case that the user is already showcasing his products on other platforms like pinterest, DaWanda or Etsy, he can easily import them to his Ezebee account by simply attaching the URL and all his products will now be visible to the consumers on this platform.

The best part of doing business on Ezebee.com is the fact that you pay nothing for the service at all. It s absolutely free, both for the seller and the buyer.

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