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How To Create A Profitable Wind Farm Business

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If you are lucky enough to own a lot of lands and also have an interest in green energy, have you ever thought about building a wind farm? There is an enormous range of benefits, and there’s no doubt that you will be helping the environment – as well as turning a tidy profit.

In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the things you’ll need to do if you want to build a wind farm on your property or land. Read on to find out more – and who knows? Perhaps you can harness a free source of energy and turn it into a genuine business?


The Challenges

There are a few sticking points to building a wind farm that you need to know first. You’ll need a lot of lands, of course – and it will also need to be well away from your neighbours. Wind turbines can make a lot of noise, and some people find them unsightly. It all makes for some sticking points when it comes to getting planning permission.



The Requirements

You’ll need to live in a particularly windy area before building a farm, and you should call on specialists to confirm the viability of your land. There are wind maps available, so contact your state and see if there are some clues as to the best location for your farm. Finally, steer clear of wildlife corridors, especially if there are endangered animals nearby. Again, specialists will be able to help you determine the ideal location. You will need special permits to create a wind farm, so make sure you are complying with local and national regulations.

The Wind Turbines

You can buy wind turbines off the shelf – or even build your own. A lot goes into the core design of wind turbines, despite the simplicity of their appearance. Wind turbines need spherical bearings and a gearbox to power the turbine shaft. Their blades need to be large enough to catch enough wind and generate enough electricity to turn a profit. Plus, you need to install power collection systems, communications networks and performance monitor software. It’s going to cost a lot of money whichever route you go down, so a good financial backing is essential.


Energy Delivery

The other side of the coin is delivering energy to your customers. You will have to be close to a transmission line, where you can access the main grid in your region. If your land is nowhere near the grid, however, there are solutions. Instead, consider supplying energy to your local community or businesses. Check with the Clean Energy Council for more info on this important part of the process.

Potential Customers

The big question is, who can you sell your energy to? There are plenty of potential candidates. We’ve already mentioned your local business community, and you can also try local government offices. Utility companies are also always looking for new sources of energy and often buy from wind farms. You could even pivot your business and bring it direct into people’s homes via an installation service.


Although wind turbines are easy to maintain, you will still need to allow for a week’s worth of support each year for every turbine. If you want to be more profitable, it is essential you allow for this so there are no major cost surprises.

Good luck with the new venture!

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