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Creating Your Own Dream Team

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May I remind you that you’re the boss of a brand new business? Yes. You. However now comes the hard work. Building the team that will work with you. Hmm, difficult. What specific criteria to look for? Who to look for? The quiet unassuming type? The sociable loudmouth? The questions are endless.

Well, what indeed you are looking for is a real mix of the two stereotypes we have picked out plus that person needs to have real drive, passion, and a hard working attitude. Anything less than that should not be considered. Experience is an asset which should definitely be taken into account but it’s most certainly not the be all and end all. A hidden gem with massive long-term potential that has just come out of their studies could be out there so don’t restrict your search too much.


So you’ve got a select few cvs in front of you that have earned their owners an interview. So what to look for once they walk through the door? Which first impressions are key? Well, make sure they are on time for the interview. Early is a bonus. It shows eagerness and a willingness to make that all important impression. They should have also adhered to the specific dress code that you put forward in that congratulatory email you sent them prior to the interview. This shows that they can follow instructions to the letter. If they haven’t, then already maybe they aren’t the person for you. A firm handshake and eye contact should also be looked out for. This shows signs of respect and trust; two important aspects of everyday business.


Go through their CV with them. Be meticulous. Point to any prior experience or characteristics and ask any relevant questions. Listen intently and don’t let your concentration waiver. They should believe in you as much as you believe in them. Ask whether they are a team player or an individual? This is an important question which should always be asked in interviews, but how should the interviewee respond? Well, in a nutshell, they should have some experience in doing both and give detailed examples. In your business, you may have to work at your workstation alone some of the time and get your head down, but you may also have to work with your fellow team members on a specific project or in team building exercises. Give an example of a business project in the interview and see how they respond. Does the answer tick all of your boxes? Is it good enough for a company like yours? Do they get a merited place in the dream team?


Whoever you employ and in whichever capacity of your business, be sure to mold them into the finished article with your managerial touch. You’ve taken a calculated gamble on them and not only do they have to impress you, but you need to guide them through a tricky first few days in the job. Your dream team will take time but it will be worth it in the end. I mean Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?

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