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Better Safe than Sorry: Creating a Secure Workplace for You, Your Employees & Your Customers

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When it comes to starting up your own company, most people will talk about the benefits of starting out with E-commerce, how to gain customer loyalty and how to generate the most profit possible. These are all important aspects of any company, of course. But so many people completely miss out one of the most important responsibilities that lie on every business owner’s shoulders: safety. When it comes to any workplace situation, the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved should take priority. At the end of the day, it is more important than profit, reputation, branding, advertising, and even customer service. As a business owner, it becomes your job to ensure that you, your staff and your customers are all safe and well within the confines of your physical business space and online too! Here are a few ways to ensure that everybody has a healthy and happy experience when showing interest in you and your brand.

Physical Safety

If you have a physical store or service space where you engage with customers out in the real world, you will have to conduct many health and safety checks and risk assessments before your store is even allowed to open. Firstly, you need to ensure that the tangible space is safe and appropriate for all. This includes basic steps, such as ensuring that wiring is not exposed, there aren’t any trip hazards, wet floors are indicated with the apt signage and any other risks are highlighted. You should have emergency equipment installed. This includes things like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and first aid kits. This means that if the worst is to occur, damage and injury will be kept to a minimum. Make sure that all potentially hazardous substances are stored away. Cleaning products, for example, should be kept out of customers’ reach and locked away in a cupboard. Secondly, make sure that you and your staff have the skills to help others in times of need. Brief all starter staff on the emergency fire regime and train them in basic first aid. This could save someone’s life if a negative situation were to occur.


Online Safety

A rising threat to consumers nowadays is a cyber crime. The past decade has seen crime conducted online reach increasingly higher levels. This isn’t surprising, considering that E-commerce has been such a rapidly growing trade. Where there’s money to be made criminals will attempt to strike. So make sure that you and your customers are safe. If a cyber criminal is able to access the sensitive and personal data that is entailed in online payments made to you, they may be able to steal your customer’s online identity. Individuals may experience loss of funds in their bank accounts due to purchases being made by a thief elsewhere. Only offer secure payment methods. Paypal for business is great for this, simple to use and fast to set up!



Business Insurance

This may seem like a dull area that you want to avoid facing, but insurance for business is an essential part of any company. Not only for your staff and customers but for you too! As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Good insurance covers various areas; all of these are essential. It can ensure that if there were an accident in the workplace, you’re completely covered and the affected individual will be granted compensation of some sort. It can ensure that any company cars or other vehicles are fully protected and covered if there were to be some form of accident. It can also protect the property where you hold your business, so everything is protected if there were to be a fire, flood or another disaster.


Combat Workplace Prejudice

All workplaces should be entirely free from prejudice. If there’s any form of bullying or intolerance, it is your job as an employer to ensure that it is dealt with effectively. Make sure to confront any hurtful comments, whether they are aimed at you, your staff or your customers. Prejudice comments or actions could be racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist or a whole other array of negative and hateful views directed towards anyone in the vicinity of your business. Nobody should ever feel attacked, judged or discriminated against and once they step foot into your business, their well-being becomes partly your responsibility. Being a manager or business owner places you in a position where it becomes essential to ensure that workplace prejudice is dealt with effectively, fairly and responsibly. If necessary, you can call legal aid, such as the police service, to help resolve conflicts or disputes and restore a positive, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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