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Are You Cut Out For A Military Career?

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If you’re thinking about taking your career in a new direction, you might want to consider seeking out a position in the military. Before we get into this possibility in more detail, there are a few misconceptions that we should probably clear up. First, being in the military doesn’t mean that you’ll have to fire or even brandish a weapon. The days are gone when all military personnel was expected to be trained to use firearms. Now there are lots of different sectors in the military from technical support to international relations. It’s also fair to say that a military career can lead to fantastic opportunities, even after you leave the armed forces.

Much military personnel goes on to become security advisors personal bodyguards and many even after a future in politics. Having military honors is also considered to be incredibly prestigious. So, once you leave the armed forces, you can certainly expect some interest from top employers.  So, it’s about finding the right fit for you, but, could you hack it in the military? Well, it certainly won’t be easy.

Following Orders – No Exceptions

The military operates in a peculiar fashion. Like any other industry, there is a chain of command but it’s a tad more strict. You must obey any orders given to you by someone higher up in command, even if you believe them to be unfair. If you don’t do this, you can end up in legal trouble, and that doesn’t mean you’ll end up in court. Rather you’ll end up in a military court which again is different. Your fate is decided by military judges and other personnel. Military law is based on a whole different set of rules to society. You have to be prepared for this and be ready to enter into the institution.



Travel? You Bet

There is no guarantee that you’ll have to travel during your military career. It is entirely possible that you’ll be placed in a position that is just a few miles from where you grew up. Or that you need to move to a different part of your home country, but there’s no requirement to move abroad. That said, if you are asked to take a position abroad, you can’t refuse it. As such you don’t have as much control over your career as you might in other industries.  Thus, if you wouldn’t even consider leaving your home country, a military career is not for you.


It’s About The Effort

Finally, the military is like any other business. If you want to succeed and reach higher levels of pay as well as status, you need to put the effort in. You need to work hard to make sure you are the best in your field. You always need to be pushing to complete your job to the best possible quality level. And don’t forget, your position might be quite stressful. It’s fair to say that in some cases the lives of others could be in your hands. If you think you can handle that type of responsibility, a military career could be in your future.


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