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The Dawn Of The Third Eye: How Drones Have Changed The World

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Flying drones have exploded onto the consumer market as well as the world of business. All but maybe five or ten years ago, you could only imagine portable unmanned aerial vehicles existing in a sci-fi movie. Alas, they have become a reality and not only that but so simple that some wonder why they hadn’t come onto the shelves sooner. They have a common design of motors that are electrically fueled which in turn spin rotor blades that provide the gadget with lift. Install a camera and some basic features of grasp and release, and you have a modern drone. Drones can perform multiple tasks, some dangerous and some just outright cool, that human beings cannot. They have become an integral part of the entertainment industry, with affordable and easy to use technology at the fingertips of consumers. They are the future, but some say, because of what they can and do achieve, the future is already here.

War and Journalism

Conflicts around the world need reporting on. The human beings who previously put their lives in danger, to break a story have done humanity a great service. But now there’s no need to put life and limb in harm’s way. Drones with cameras can now fly high and wide to get a better picture of the landscape and battles that are going on. Vital information like hostages and trapped civilians can be relayed back to the world, and such information is also useful to governments. With basic flying lessons on the remote control, journalists can gather evidence and facts, along with photography and video, to assimilate a valuable, up-to-date report of what’s going on around the world.


Revolutionizing Sport

Traditionally, live sports are broadcast by high-quality but heavy, expensive cameras. However, they’re either rigged onto an operator’s waist or transfixed via wires to move around a stadium or pitch to get the best angle for pay-per-view buyers. However, now sportsman are using the wide range and superior vision angle to become the best in class. Exploits of such technology are no better being harnessed than Drone Fishing. Amazingly, exotic fish can be caught by hooking the fish hook to the bottom of a drone, flying away from the boat, hovering it over the water and dropping the fishing line and bait into the ocean. The rarest fish are being caught this way because they will stay away from large surface objects such as a boat. When dropped into the water, the fisherman simply reels the fish in, while his or her partner watches what’s going on from an aerial standpoint.



Searching for Survivors

Disasters such as floods, smoke-filled buildings, stranded ships and oil rigs, can now be searched much quicker with the use of drones. Searching house to house for flood survivors are very time to consume and could potentially mean the difference between life and death. With drones, rescuers can pinpoint signs of life. With the aid of heat-seeking cameras, buildings that are engulfed in flames and smoke can be searched with drones who again, can search and go where human beings can’t for example, if the structure of the floor is fragile, a fireman may fall through it trying to reach somebody who is trapped. Drones are easy to fly and provide visuals that are simply unachievable with the human eye.

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