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How To Deal With Some Of The Most Common Personalities In The Workplace

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An office is a melting pot of different individuals who are brought together to work towards one common purpose- ensuring the smooth running of a business or organization. It is important to be aware of how different people work and interact in order to create an environment that suits their needs. Doing this effectively will increase productivity, and avoid conflicts that may arise from an inability to successfully manage these different types of personalities.

There are four main personalities that you may come across in the workplace, with some people falling into more than category. Being aware of these personality types will provide you with an understanding of how managing employees successfully can transform your business for the better.

#1: The Pioneer

The Pioneer is often the creative in the workplace, he or she actively seeks out fresh ideas and will often take risks to achieve a goal. They will not be afraid to try new things out in order to find a way to make something work. This type of person will not need as much guidance as other personality types but will benefit from being set regular goals that they can work towards. Spotting someone who is a pioneer and encouraging them by listening to their ideas and giving them a suitable amount of independence, will benefit both your organization and the employee.



#2: The Pragmatist

Unlike the Pioneer, the Pragmatist is not a risk taker and makes decisions based on facts and figures. Their role within a team is to provide stability and order, which can provide balance to a group in situations that need a methodical or well-thought out approach. The great thing about the pragmatist is that they will learn from previous mistakes they have made and tend to be reliable workers who achieve what they set out to do. Some additional positives of the pragmatist include good punctuality, good attendance and meeting deadlines.The pragmatist might struggle to get their voice heard, and will need to be encouraged.


#3: The Integrator

Integrators work well on drawing out the best in each. They are an asset to have in the workplace, particularly when teamwork forms a big part of the job, as they allow different personalities to bring forward their own ideas and suggestions without being domineering or imposing. These are individuals who are highly sensitive and attuned to the needs of other people and as such work well as mediators and in sensitive situations.


#4: The Driver

This personality type is a high achiever who thrives on challenging situations. The Driver thrives under pressure and is able to deliver the goods regardless of how difficult it is to achieve a particular goal. This person is good at encouraging other people, and will often be the leader of a team, along with the Pioneer. They will be ambitious and high achieving, making their way up the career ladder quickly and efficiently. The fact that this personality type also tends to have a high functioning IQ and can think through problems quickly and logically means that they work well in positions of responsibility and can take on multiple challenges at the same time.


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