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Is your Dell Laptop Charger not Working? Try these Tips

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If you are one of those innumerable working professionals who spend their maximum amount of time working on the laptop then you would surely have to charge your laptop quite often. As you use your Dell laptop day in and day out and charge it frequently, the inevitable is bound to happen sooner or later – your laptop charger will stop working. When this happens, you would have to buy a new one and this can be an overwhelming task. To avoid this hassle it is important that you make every attempt possible from your side to fix the charger. Here are a few tips that would help you:

Check the Warranty

Before buying your laptop if you have compared the Dell laptop price, you would have surely noticed that the brand offers higher warranty for its accessories than other brands, which is probably what prompted you to choose Dell over other laptops. So, when your charger stops working make sure that you first check if it is still under warranty. If your charger is still under the warranty period all you need to do is send the charger back to the company and they will either fix the issue or give you a replacement for the charger.


Check the Power

Often times, when your laptop charger stops working, the problem may not be with the charger but there might be issue with the power supply. So to check the charger you can plug the adapter into any other power source and see if there is light on the transformer unit. If you don’t see any light it means that the transformer is burned out and that you need a new charger.


Electrical Meter

This is another simple step that you can do at home to fix your laptop charger. Get the electrical meter and touch the ends of the adaptor to see if there is any current coming through the transformer. If you don’t have an electrical meter, don’t rush to buy a new one. You can either borrow it from your friend or you can simply get your charger tested at the local electrical shop. Not only do these repair technicians know how to test the adapter correctly but also they may do it for free and some of these shops also sell transformers so you can get one for cheap.

It is also a great idea to check if your transformer is working fine by connecting to your friend’s Dell laptop. If it is not working it is certain that you need to buy a new one.


If it turns out that you are not able to repair your broken Dell laptop charger on your own but if your warranty is still effective, you can ship the charger back to Dell and they will either repair it or replace it. If the warranty is void, you would have to buy a new adapter on your own expense. You can send back the charger to Dell for repair even when the warranty is not effective but that will be quite expensive.


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