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Drowning in Stuff? Let Minimalism Be Your Life Preserver

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Stuff. We all have it. Many of us love it, and some of us hate it. If you belong to the latter group, and you feel like you have so much stuff that it’s actually affecting your life in a negative way, you might want to consider minimalism as a lifestyle choice.

Minimalism is the process of removing from your life anything that isn’t essential. Useful or beautiful. Some people can take it to extremes and get rid of everything but those essential items that can easily fit into a backpack. You might not want to do that, but decluttering your home will certainly stop you from drowning in stuff.

Here are some minimalist approved tips to declutter your home and regain your life:


Know That It’s Possible

Before you start on your journey towards a more minimalistic life, you need to believe that decluttering is possible. Look at minimalist blogs, read inspirational stories of people who’ve already decluttered and get your game face on.


Start Small

Instead of plunging in and trying to get rid of everything you own in one fell swoop, take your time. Start small with the things you never really use and don’t like much anyway. It should be fairly easy to sell, donate or trash these items, clearing the way for a bigger purge later down the line. Check out http://www.budgetdumpster.com/resources/how-to-declutter-your-home.php for a comprehensive guide on how to declutter efficiently. You can do it.

Rent a Storage Unit

If you’re struggling to part with your stuff, even though you know it will be good for you, check out, why not hire a storage unit like the ones at http://canningvalestorageunits.com.au/? You can get the stuff out of your home where it’s causing you problems without really having to get rid of it. Once you’ve lived without your things for a while, you’ll probably find that you don’t miss them at all and you’ll be able to start minimalizing at long last.


Build New Habits

If you want to not only get rid of clutter but ensure that your home stays free from turning into an ocean of stuff once again, you need to build new habits. Make a point of donating one item of clothing when you buy a new one, always check what you have before you of shopping and schedule one day each month to declutter again. This will help you to keep on top of things.

Stop Buying Stuff

Okay, so we all need to buy stuff – groceries, clothing the occasional treat – but most of us buy a lot more stuff than we really need. So, before you pick up that ornament or invest in that rug, ask yourself if you really need it and if it will enhance your life. If not, it’s an impulse purchase, and you should cast it aside. It’s easier said than done, I know, but with practice, it should become second nature to you.

Have you decluttered your home? How did you do it? Is minimalism working out for you?

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