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EaseUS – Better and Free Partition Software

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Did you have much difficulty partitioning your hard drive?Now this challenging task can be turned into simplicity with the help of third party software. You may find it hard to choose the better partition software. So, we took this challenge and selected the best partition tool, and the tool is EaseUS Partition Master.

The tool is so exciting to use due to its simplicity and friendly graphical UI. It’s one of the best software to make partition while installing Windows. The prominent thing is, EaseUS is a free partition manager that allows you to extend your primary drive, manage disk space easily and solves low disk space problem.


Features of EaseUS Partition Manager:

  • Easily and separate convert GPT system disk to MBR.
  • Supports ReFS file system.
  • Supports Windows Storage Space.
  • Manage BitLocker partition with it.
  • Keep your computer performance high.
  • Creates more efficient WinPE bootable.
  • Easily find commonly used functions.
  • Migrate and clone systems.

Here is how you can use partition software:

First, you need to download the free partition software.



The EaseUS tool for partition has a brilliant interface with a number of features. Every function is properly arranged in the tool, so a user can easily use this tool. The dashboard of this interface displays all possible partitions in the hard disk. Task pane is on the left side and has common tabs for quick access. A user can easily perform certain operations such as resize partition, SSD and hard disk imaging and conversions. This tool also contains diagnostic tools such as disk analysis, property viewer and defragged.

If your PC has a complicated partition format, with EaseUS you can easily manage it. Due to some difficult configuration of partition layout and possibly dynamic disks, the partitions may be difficult to remove. Other than primary volume, you can also create multiple partitions with dynamic disk. The tricky part is when you need to remove one or more partitions, or you want to merge with a new partition or setup a dual boot configuration, this can cause a problem to the active primary boot partition. A basic disk conversion can sometimes make the PC unworkable. This tool to make your work easy and efficient.

You can perform all functions in Windows from the command line. In case you are not aware of how the command line works then it can be difficult for you to sort out. So, this partition software is developed to work with ease. Its friendly dashboard lets you use its utilities easily. The best example of something that you can extend the recovery partition. You can apparently create a partition of the system drive to allocate additional space to the system reserve drive. If you want to take the risk out of handling your partitions, then this free partition manager is the best disk tool to have.

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