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Easy Solutions to Keep Down Home Energy Bills

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Do you dread those energy bills hitting the doormat? The amount we pay to simply keep our homes running and warm can be eye-watering. So what can we do to turn the tide? Is it possible to keep energy bills down?

The good news is that while we have no control over energy prices rising, we can reduce the amount of energy used in the home. In doing so, we should be able to have a positive impact on those alarming bills.

Insulation Inspiration

Some householders are shockingly complacent about the waste of heat energy. Don’t sit at home freezing your toes off in a poorly insulated house with the heating cranked up to the max, make some easy DIY changes. Take a tour of the house and check windows and doors for drafts. Re-caulk all windows; apply insulating tape to doors and all areas where cold winds could blow in. Seal windows against icy drafts and create a cozy and elegant effect with interior solid shutters. These add an extra layer of insulation and help keep rooms at an even temperature.


Wooden floorboards can be a source of cold drafts; seal cracks with caulk and if necessary place rugs down for added insulation.


Is your roof space insulated? Much of the heat in the home is lost as it passes out through a roof space with no insulation. Installing a thick blanket of insulation material in the loft is a quick, easy and cost effective way of reducing heat loss, thereby keeping saving and energy costs down.

Appliances and Technology

Appliances that free us from drudgery are brilliant inventions but sometimes they really eat power. Select the most energy-efficient models of washing machines, dishwashers, etc. There is often a higher price tag on energy-efficient models but the extra cost is soon recovered via the lower amounts of electricity needed to power them. As well as power ratings, assess appliances on the amount of water they use in a cycle as this factor also affects running costs.

Modern technology makes it possible for us to control the heating management systems in our homes remotely. Smart thermostats become familiar with the habits of the householders and automatically develop programs that deliver cheaper more efficiently delivered power choices.

Easy Gains

Make easy cuts to your energy bills by installing light sensors in little used areas such as corridors or porches, preventing lights being left on needlessly for hours at a time. Never leave appliances, phones or computers on charge overnight for safety reasons, and do not leave items on standby, turn them off. Small changes add up to a bigger whole and can make significant dents in energy bills.


Light Bulb Moment

Have you made the switch to LED light bulbs yet? Forget those dreadful dim lights that used to take twenty minutes to brighten up, modern LED bulbs offer instant, crisp light at greatly reduced power-usage. Compared to old-fashioned bulbs, LED versions pull about 90 percent less energy for doing the same job. Can you afford not to include this type of cost-saving in your energy bill action plan?

These tips will get you started on pushing those bills in the right direction. With a small investment of time, effort and money, soon the arrival of that envelope on the doormat won’t be such a worry…

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