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Eliminate Comment Spamming in WordPress Using Akismet

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One of the most annoying things that an internet user can come across would definitely be Spamming. Honestly, even spammers don’t like spamming! Nevertheless some things just happen and all we could do is simply avoid it from making any further impact.

The truth about spamming is that it WORKS. People tend to increase their sales and online returns via spamming techniques, some websites developed on WordPress Hosting are easily vulnerable to heavy online spamming. You might think that there won’t be any chance that you end up clicking on an advertisement that says “Click here to accept your free iphone”, but when sent to 1.000,000 people at a time, the probability of baiting in a couple of gullible customers is pretty high!


According to extensive research done by International Computer Science Institute, UC Berkeley, spammers can end up earning up to $7,000 in a day by simply mailing 1.7 million spam infected emails.
It is understandable that when you log in to your WordPress dashboard you come across 100’s of comments just to find out that they are all spam’s, it hurts. So the question is how to avoid it from happening in a simplistic manner?


Well, this blog will answer your query by purely focusing on SPAM MANAGEMENT on WordPress.
The data in this blog will revolve around an effective WordPress Plugin known as Akismet, quite well reputed in the online market to successfully deal with spamming while simultaneously protecting a website’s privacy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting before you- Akismet

The name Akismet was coined from the terms Automatic Kismet. Running for more than 6 years and earning a widespread success globally, Akismet has become one of the most trustworthy and noted plugin supporting WordPress to deal with spamming issues. It has become really easy for people over the net to simply post comments on other’s blogs which might eventually end up being a spam. Akismet, being an advanced hosted anti-spam service, aims to thwart the underbelly of the web.

What it does is simply great. It will efficiently process the data and then analyze it accordingly in real time.


Akismet has initiated to fight the dirtiest and trickiest spamming techniques followed by many people on the web. FYI, as you speak, someone might be simultaneously trying to spam your site. Hence Akismet. Every moment that passes by, the Akismet team engages to tackle some highly vulnerable attacks, adapting and upgrading its internal algorithms simultaneously.

Some of its major features are:

  • Akismet is useful as a statistical reporting tool.
    It figures out all sorts of spamming techniques such as real spam, missed spam, false positives (something that is wrongly distinguished as spam) and additionally the accuracy rate of the spam channel. It allows you to review these points of interest on an every day, month to month or a yearly base.
  • Akismet filters comments and spamming links multi-lingual
    Regardless of the language on which the spammers are trying to approach your site, it considers all possible spamming techniques in all sorts of languages, leaving no scope for trails of spammers near about your site.
  • It is effortlessly adaptable and can be utilized for any web based application with submitted data as that on the forums, Wiki etcetera.
  • Akismet classifies and records the messages that it believed was spam yet cleared. It leaves space for messages that you may wish to declare as spam. You spare a considerable measure of time – simply set it and overlook it.
  • Links in the comments are highlighted so that you can check whether they are legit or not.
  • Continuously up and running
    At the point when Akismet can’t achieve your server, it holds up until your server is up and when the connection is up, it will automatically join in with its services.

Now that you know how valuable this plugin can be, here is a small tutorial for you to understand how to setup the Akismet plugin for your WordPress.

Setting up Akismet


The spam managing WordPress plugin – Akismet, ought to be activated and arranged to finish the INSTALLATION process successfully. The Akismet plugin comes pre-installed with WordPress.
The remaining procedure has been mentioned below:

  • The plugin should be activated by following the steps as mentioned below:
    WP Dashboard > Plugins > All recorded plugins > Activate button.
  • After the actuation a small yellow highlighted message will be shown expressing
    Enter your WordPress.com API Key“.
  • Click on the yellow message and it will prompt a connection saying “Enter the API Key in the expressed field”.
  • Finally tap on the update alternatives in the connection coordinated by the yellow highlighted message.
  • If the API Key is legitimate, a green sign will be shown.

With this the enactment, API Key acceptance and Configuration of Akismet plugin is effectively done.

Quite simple, isn’t it?

Here is a suitable video tutorial intending to help you further with the installation process of Akismet Plugin for WordPress hosting sites.

So before you plan to set up your own blog or start your own website, you must dig in a bit to figure out the essentials before proceeding ahead. Understanding how to use WordPress optimally and being familiar with various plugins that are important to know while working on WordPress might turn out to be quite effective in this overall process of web hosting. Just like Akismet, which can be a saviour at many instances, there are various other plugins that support the overall functionality of your WordPress based website.

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Karthik Linga is working as a Digital Marketing Specialist for past 6+ years and contributes as a part-time blogger by learning newer tactics from the experts everywhere. During his free time, he likes to share some of the mind techniques that help sharpen mental processing and arithmetic calculations.

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  1. Robin Khokhar

    March 15, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    Hi Kartik,
    Firstly thanks for the recent visit to my site. And Askimet is really good, free and best plugin for avoid commenting.
    thanks for the share.


    • Karthik Linga

      March 15, 2016 at 1:29 pm

      Hey Robin !! You welcome…

      Also thank you so much for revisit my blog. Yes great to use Askimet plugin to stop spam comments at free of cost !! Keep visit & share your valuable comments always !!



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