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Embarrassing Medical Problems You Really Shouldn’t Hide

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There are times when your health can take a turn for the worse. Ordinarily, you would pop along to see your doctor and see if there is a remedy to improve the situation. Of course, there are times when the complaint you have is simply too embarrassing to share. You might keep it from your colleagues, your family, and even your doctor. But suffering in silence isn’t going to make it go away. And there are some conditions that could become much more serious if you don’t address them.

Any doctor will tell you they’ve seen it all. But that doesn’t do much to dissipate that awful feeling of embarrassment when we’re asked certain questions or need to show a particular part of our bodies. Some of the most distressing conditions, though, can affect our mental health too. We can become more and more stressed and even depressed about how a medical problem is affecting our quality of life. It is always better to see a doctor and then spend your time taking care of your recovery.


Some of the most embarrassing problems involve our ‘private’ areas. Common complaints like incontinence or erectile dysfunction are rarely talked about openly. And the thought of having to show those areas to a doctor for examination can really put us off addressing it. If you’re worried about the kinds of treatment needed, check out websites like www.comprehensive-urology.com for details of what you can expect. Problems in this area are often easy to treat. But left untreated they can seriously affect your quality of life.


Digestion and bowel problems are also quite high up the list of embarrassing problems we don’t want to talk about. Again, simple treatments like those at http://www.everydayhealth.com/digestive-health/diarrhea-treatment.aspx could clear them up quickly. But left untreated, they can become more serious complaints. It is always worth checking with your doctor. Serious conditions can present themselves in seemingly common complaints. All chronic conditions should be discussed with a doctor. You don’t have to suffer.


Growths can appear anywhere on your body. Not all can be hidden, but many can be quite embarrassing. You may worry how people will react when they see them. Boils are a common problem that can turn up almost anywhere. They are incredibly painful and very difficult to treat on your own. But when they turn up on the face, makeup simply isn’t going to work. It is important you see a doctor as infections like this can harm you in other ways.

Bad breath is also hugely embarrassing. Despite taking care of your oral health, bad breath can still occur. It may be coming from a reflux condition, or you may have a gum or tooth infection that requires a course of antibiotics. Some serious medical conditions, including diabetes, can cause odd smelling breath. It’s important you visit your dentist for treatment. They may need to refer you to a doctor if the problem is not oral.

Embarrassment may be the least of your worries if your condition becomes worse. If it hasn’t improved or gone after a couple of weeks, it could be in your best interests to speak to a doctor urgently. Take care of you.

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