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How Environmentally Friendly Is Your Business

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The environment is, admittedly, probably not your most pressing concern. While we’re sure that you would like to make your company’s carbon footprint as small as possible, running a business is tough enough as it is without creating, even more, work for yourself. The good news is that it really doesn’t take too much to make the transition to eco-friendly business. In fact, you can start today by making just a few small changes. And in time, you’ll be ready for the bigger changes, too.

Energy Use

It is amazing just how much energy is wasted in offices around the world. Take a look at any major city in the world and you’ll see lights on at all hours, even when no one is working in there! Make sure this is one crime your company isn’t guilty of. Even when people are working, making the shift to environmentally friendly light bulbs can make a positive difference – and have a nice effect on the company finances, too!


Green Employees

All the will in the world to make your company green won’t make a difference if your employees aren’t also on board. Try and create incentives for them to keep their environmental footprint to a minimum. For example, by letting workers who carpool leave thirty minutes early on a Friday afternoon. If not incentives, then at least the framework to be more eco-minded will do it, such as providing bike storage and showers for the employees who want to cycle to work.



Going Further

If you have a large-scale worksite or are just thoroughly committed to being as green as possible, then you can make changes to your workplace that have a real impact on the level of resources you use. Borehole drilling, for example, can provide water and heat that is renewable – and it’s even cheaper than traditional methods, too. It also keeps your energy on site and all yours, meaning it won’t be affected by issues that arise in the wider community, which would be beyond your control. Self-sufficiency rocks!

Change With Your Spending

As a company, you’ll have a long shopping list, things you need to buy all the time. And that’s why one of the most powerful tools you have to make a difference is your wallet. Give your money to the companies who are just as environmentally aware as you are when it comes to buying your stationery, paper, supplies, and even things like web hosting. You’ll be propping up companies who care about the world we live in rather than the ones who are only after your money.


Sponsoring Environmental Causes

You should begin by implementing the changes at your workplace, but in the long run, you might want to get involved with sponsoring an environmental charity whose work inspires you. This can be mutually beneficial, too – you get to help a great cause do more positive things, and you get your company promoted by a charity that you want to be connected to.

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