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Essential Office Checklist That Every Business Owner Needs

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When you’re a business owner, there are many important things that you have to think about and keep track of. For example, the smooth running of day to day business and ensuring that all of your staff are competent with what they are doing. However, smaller details can easily become missed out like essentials for the office and in this article is going to be an essential office checklist that every business owner needs so that you can continue earning money as a business as smoothly as possible.


Believe it or not the decor in your office makes a massive difference to how well you and your staff members perform. Having a room that’s decorated with bright colors will become too distracting and may even cause migraines or headaches for people as light reflects off the walls. However, having walls that are too dreary will cause everyone to feel sleepy and unmotivated to do their jobs.

A great solution to this dilemma is to keep the walls a neutral color like white or beige, and then place artwork and plants around the room to inspire everyone in it. Did you know that people who work in the same room as an indoor plant will work better than if they were in a room without one? This is because of the oxygen that they release and they also create a fantastic focal point for a room.



The same goes for curtains or blinds in your office, keep them lightly colored and not too heavy to keep the room looking spacious and prevent people from feeling like they are trapped.


Every office needs stationery. Whether that be a few pens or the full range of different tools and writing apparatus, you should be thinking about finding yourself a reliable and competitively priced stationery supplier. This will allow you to place an order when you’re running low and not have to worry about the quality of the stationery that will arrive at your office. Plus, using the same company will often result in discounts for your company for being loyal customers, or even freebies.



There are a plethora of different machines that you can buy for an office, but a few of the main ones are as follows:

  • Computer(s)
    Be sure to spend a little more on your computer systems so that you won’t find yourself having to dip your hands in your pockets for new computers a few years down the line. If you’re not tech savvy, find someone who can advise on what kind of computers you and your staff will need to get that can run the programs and workload that you will need them to.
  • Printer
    If you’ve got computers, it’s likely that you’re going to need a printer too to print out those all important documents. There are many companies that offer a vast array of printers for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that will suit your every need. Don’t forget to stock up on printer cartridges so that you’re able to replace them when needed.
  • Fax machine
    It’s likely that you will need a fax machine so that invoices can be sent and received, alongside other important information to do with your business. Be sure to choose one that will print the incoming faxes clearly to avoid any data loss and mistakes.
  • Phones
    Every office needs a phone, even if you’re not a business that would typically take calls as a rule from customers. This will allow customers to voice any concerns or give praise to your company. Not only that, clients will be able to call and place orders or follow things up with you and members of staff.



Surprisingly, the furniture that you have in your office makes a difference to how you work too. Having items around the office that make it seem more homely will allow your staff to relax within the workplace, but not to a point where they are unproductive. Having a sofa situated in an area that you designate for break times will help staff relax on their breaks and lunches.


This also works the same as having plants around the office, having something that makes you more familiar with your surroundings will make you feel more comfortable and therefore able to work more productively.


The amount of light that enters your office is important too. While you might not be able to change how many windows you have in the room, you are able to provide the right kind of lighting for you and your staff. A dark room will make people sleepy, while a room that’s too bright will hurt the eyes.


Briefly mentioned earlier, making sure that your blinds and curtains aren’t too heavy will allow as much natural light as possible to enter the room. If you’re unfortunate enough to not have many windows in your office, then be sure to use panelled lighting so that the light is evenly spread and not hurting anyone’s eyes.


While your staff is there to work, having the freedom to be able to make yourself a drink when you need one always makes people feel more comfortable while they are at work. Plus, not allowing members of staff to have a drink on shift is actually against human rights. Why not provide a coffee machine or a kettle so that you can all enjoy the luxury of warm drinks throughout the day? There are also charities that hand out treat boxes to workplaces to raise money for their cause, so accepting them would provide snacks while giving to charity at the same time.


Apply all of the above advice to your office and you will soon notice how much happier you and your members of staff are, and also how much more productive your team is. Give your business the best chance by making yourself and your staff happy.

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