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Every Business Should Learn These Lessons From Hotels

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When you’re running your business, you might want to think about setting it up like a hotel. No, we don’t mean you should ask new clients to stick around for the night or put chocolates on bed pillows. Instead, you should think about how a hotel treats guests and the type of factors that ensure they get a great review. Ultimately these same factors could determine whether clients want to buy from your business or leave and never look back. Let’s look at some of the key lessons you could learn from the hotel industry.

You’re Number One

This is how you want your customers to feel. If you look at some of the best hotels, you’ll see that they make a fuss over each new visitor who walks through the door. As soon as they walk up to the entrance, there is someone to take their bags or park their car. After this, they will walk up to a reception where an employee will greet them with a warm smile and a pleasant greeting. Once they have had everything sorted for them at reception, they will be shown into a room that is been perfectly prepared for them. See what we mean? If you employed the same basic principles in your business, you could make each client very happy indeed.


Comfort And Care

You also want to make sure that clients and customers feel comfortable as soon as they walk through the door. Possibly offer them something to drink as typically happens in luxury hotels. Allow them to sit in comfortable furniture if they need to wait before they are seen. You can actually purchase hotel furniture for your business online. This will ensure that they are happy to wait and are impressed by the level of luxury that your business offers. If it feels as comfortable as a hotel, there will be no reason for them to wonder whether they could find a better service across the street.



Behind The Desk

It does matter who sits behind the desk in the reception of your company or business. Just look the best hotels. They always have receptionists that are stunning, well groomed and well dressed with a perfect smile. That’s exactly what you need in your company. Some companies cheat and rather than hiring a receptionist they hire a model. This allows them to legally hire based on appearance.


Excellent Service

Finally, you need to make sure that you are offering your customers and clients the best possible service that they would receive in a hotel. If there is an issue, there should be someone on hand, ready to sort it for them. There should always be people in your office eager to provide new clients with everything they need. Think about ensuring that they feel important, as though every one of their business desires will be catered for if they use your company.


We hope you see now there are a lot of key lessons that business owners can learn from the hotel industry.

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