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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Hormones

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Hormones get a very bad reputation as they are linked to so many negative things, such as PMS. However, they aren’t all bad! In fact, our hormones often play a big role in everything that our bodies do. From small chemical reactions to bigger physical changes, you can almost certainly guarantee that a hormone will have played a part. Wondering about these little biological helpers? Here is everything you need to know about your hormones.

Electronics Can Mess With Your Hormones

People say that spending too much time in front of your computer or tablet device can be a bad thing, and they actually have a point. The blue light that is emitted from computer and device screens can mess with the body’s biological clock, which can have a negative effect on some hormones. In fact, the blue light can prevent the body from producing the hormone melatonin, which helps us get to sleep. Because of this, if you spend an hour or so on your computer before you go to bed, you will find it very hard to get to sleep as your body won’t have produced enough melatonin.

Hormones Help Us Lose Weight

There are now lots of diets, such as the HCGdiet which focus on the role that hormones play on our weight and health. As there are some hormones that play a big part in our metabolism, there is no wonder that they can help people lose a lot of weight healthily. Some of these hormone-based diets limit foods that can prevent certain hormones from being produced while others require dieters to take supplements to increase their levels of hormones.



Hormones Help Us Remember Memories

When we look back over our past memories, some will stand out a lot clearer than all the others. That is because when we experience momentous occasions in our lives, our body releases certain hormones which can help to cement these times in our memories. This is also the reason why hormones are widely used in memory treatment and therapies.


Some Hormones Increase In The Sun

Studies have shown us that getting enough sun is very important. That’s because this is one of the best sources of Vitamin D. In fact, there are lots of studies that show we should bear our arms and legs outside for as long as possible to make sure that our bodies can absorb as much Vitamin D as possible. But there is also another reason why lots of sunshine is a good thing, and that is because it helps to increase the production of certain hormones, such as testosterone.

Bad For Bladders

When you drink alcohol, you might notice that you need to go to the toilet a lot more often than usual. This is because the alcohol prevents the production of anti-diuretic hormones. These hormones tell the body that it needs to retain as much water as possible.


So, there you have it; hormones actually have a very big role to play in our everyday functions!

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