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Everything You Need To Make Money From Your Blog

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You have probably heard about plenty of folks making money from their blog. And, perhaps you want t piece of that pie, too. So, today, we’re going to focus on the things you need to think about to start earning a secondary income.

And, who knows? Perhaps it could lead to you quitting your job and raking in enough cash to support you for many years. Let’s get started – take a look and see what you can come up with for your blog.


A Vision

First of all, it’s vital to have a solid idea for a blog. There are plenty out there that cover almost every subject you can think of – which is your first problem. The trick is to make yours better than the rest. You’ll need to have some expertise in a particular area or something valuable to say about individual subjects. And, you will need to have the vision and ideas to make it worthwhile for your visitors to come – and to stick around. Once you have that idea in place, you can move onto the next phase.


An Impressive Platform

To stand out from the crowd, you will need your blog to look fantastic. It needs to look professional, so contact a web designer to help you out if you lack in coding skills. The design is so important these days, and your site needs to be fluid, as well as functional. Concentrate on making it look great, as well as easy to navigate around.


A Customer Base

Look into SEO and conversion rate optimization in the next step. This will help your blog become more visible to people using particular search terms, and CRO will get them to take the course of action you want. For example, if you can rank highly for a search term (SEO), you can create a landing page to encourage them to sign up to your blog (CRO). Use these two marketing techniques together and you should start seeing some better results.

A Product

Next, you need to think about selling a product. It could be products you buy wholesale and ship in from a supplier, to sell on for a profit. Or, it could be a course, or an ebook, or even a service. If you can prove your authority on your chosen subject, you will make sales.

A Method of Payment

If you are selling anything online, it’s best to have a few payment options. PayPal is an obvious choice, of course. According to Payline Data, any other option you choose should be 100% secure to allay your customer’s fears about online theft.



Many blogs make most of their income from advertising. Your best bet is to start off with affiliate sales from Amazon or to use Google AdSense. Every time someone clicks on an ad and makes a purchase, you’ll get a small amount of commission. When you first start, you won’t make much money at all, but as your blog reach grows, it can bring in a steady income. Once you get to a certain size, it can be a lot more profitable to offer advertising slots to individual companies.

OK, so that’s how you can get started making money from your blog. We hope you get something out of it – why not let us know how you get on?

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