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How To Expand Or Renovate Your Business

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If you are in business and you’re not looking for ways to improve – not only are you going to style, you might lose out on some amazing opportunities. One of the biggest ways to improve? Simply expand or renovate your business. Business expansion is valuable when you’ve hit a ceiling – renovation is valuable when things seem a bit stale.

The only time to perform either of these possibilities is when your business can actually afford to do so. Expanding before the time is right can cut into your income – and renovating before you can actually afford to pay for renovations will damage your profits until your business recovers.

Focusing on expansion first, you’ll need to ask a lot of questions. Firstly, will the expansion benefit your business at all? Will hiring more employees or opening a new storefront do anything for your business or will it be an exercise in pointlessness? Assess all angles before you spend any cash on any kind of expansion project. Many businesses expand for the sake of expanding and this can be a huge problem and this vanity project? It can cost a lot and possibly doom a business. Expand only when it is sensible to do so – or is required to boost your business.


The biggest question to ask is if your business will benefit at all from growth? If it won’t – you should seek other avenues of improvement. Simply put, the market and demand might seem to exist, but in reality – it might not and it is better off that you find this out before a costly expansion than after.


Renovating is the other side of the coin – businesses stand to benefit from renovation more so than expansion. Renovation of any sort does not cost free and to say so would be folly. Renovation of any form will cost, but it will be worth the cost. Business renovation can be used as an excuse to improve on glaring problems. Say that a cafe situated in the sun can’t provide shade to customers, and on hot days, most sit inside and refuse to make use of the outdoor seating. This is a massive waste of space and business. A renovation can make space for shade in the form of canopies from shade-n-net.com and improve the general function of this rather lopsided cafe.

The simplest form of renovation exists in rebranding. If your logo, copy or marketing materials are not doing a good job of representing your business or products – get it changed. Getting a stunning logo is now possible via a modern online logo maker who will absolutely nail your marketing needs and the costs of rebranding are nothing compared to the potential success of a rebrand.. Rebrands can go horribly wrong (look at the laughable ‘New Coke’ for a great example), so rebrand with purpose.


Expansion and renovation should be consulted with purpose, rather than ideals. If you want to expand before it is time or renovate without reason, you could be wasting a terrible amount of money.

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